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All the latest news on WOBO and in general. This area contains the patch notes for the website.

Temporary Changelog Pause
News: Temporary Changelog Pause
17 days ago

The 3 Derringers, M79, Sawed Off Blaze, Sawed Off Magnum and Magnum recoil buff will be added to the website with a big website patch coming in the next few weeks. These weapon changes will be shown in a video coming this weekend. I've paused the changelog because the M79 requires changing certain areas of the website to add to the website, and changing those areas of the website in the new website patch AND the live version of the website is an unnecessary use of time. The changes will be in the new website patch coming soon. This new website patch is almost complete and will set the foundation for to grow and remain up to date.

DayZ Update 1.18 Patch Notes
News: DayZ Update 1.18 Patch Notes
1 month ago


- Abandoned trains dynamically spawning across Chernarus and Livonia
- M79 grenade launcher
- 40mm grenade launcher ammunition
- Derringer pistol
- Sawed-off Revolver
- Sawed-off Blaze
- Craftable improvised explosive device (IED)
- Plastic Explosive
- Claymore mine
- Remote Detonation Unit
- PO-X Vial
- Fireworks Launcher
- Craftable armbands from flags
- Gas Canisters explode upon destruction
- Keybindings for gestures can be adjusted in the in-game settings
- Gesture keybindings are now reflected in the radial menu


- Doors of several structures could not be opened by force
- Adjusted some exploitable building collisions ( - private)
- When driving the Gunter and Olga without a radiator, the spark plug got ruined too early
- The slot for cooking equipment was displayed when the tripod was not attached
- Widget of dead players/animals was not displayed after leaving a vehicle (
- The stamina indicator was not displayed in the inventory with disabled HUD (
- When entering the pause menu after disabling the HUD, the HUD could not be re-enabled (
- Fixed an exploit related to fireplaces
- Stones were not properly displayed when left as the last attachment of a fireplace
- Melee damage was dealt in the direction the camera was facing
- The wrong text was shown when dragging a body out of vehicles
- The CR-550 magazine was not properly reflecting damage states
- The dry fire of the CR-550 did not have sounds in prone stance
- The land mine disappeared upon disarming
- Land mines ruined by shooting did not explode (
- After cooking, the sound of roasting meat would persist on the equipment used
- Trying to ignite a wet fireplace would activate burning sounds
- The fireplace was missing some particles when burning
- It was possible to boil food in gasoline (
- The BattlEye license was not being displayed when the Steam overlay was disabled
- Accepting the BattlEye agreement made the game unresponsive to mouse under certain conditions
- Transitioning between erect and prone stance while charging a throw was skipping animations in certain cases
- Brooms did not change their materials properly when burning
- It was possible to craft the improvised spear while the stick had food attached
- Ticking sound of the alarm clock could be desynchronized when interrupted while setting the alarm
- The tutorial screen was falsely showing console controls in the tab selection
- Inventory icon of the Long Torch was cropped
- Fixed several instances of headgear clipping with character heads
- It was easily possible to get stuck in the stairs of the castle tower
- Adjusted rag cover clothes to reduce clipping with other clothing items
- The Bizon was spawning with the 1PN51 night-vision scope (
- Improved textures of the spear variants
- The animation of drawing a pistol from the holster would twitch unnaturally
- Fixed an issue that prevented military infected from spawning with EGD-5 grenades
- Skater infected gave a metal sound when hit against the head
- Bus wreck model was levitating slightly (
- Stick was held badly when roasting meat over fires (
- It was possible to unpin grenades silently ( - private, - private)
- Items would float when taking them into hands with a wounded character
- Reloading while freezing could result in animations glitching
- Fixed some issues that would result in skipping animations
- Jumping with two-handed rifles could result in stretched arms
- Cooking slots in the oven took different amounts of time to cook (
- Multiple flash-bangs in a row would eventually stop impacting the character


- Rotten meat now gets burned when smoked
- It's now possible to skin dead chickens, rabbits, carps and mackerels with the screwdriver
- Reduced the weight of the Handheld and Field Transceivers (
- Decreased the inventory size of binoculars from 3x3 to 2x2
- The sharpened wooden stick can now cause bleeding on targets
- Halved the damage to cooking gear while cooking (
- Keybinding menu now has inputs split into several categories to make it easier to navigate (PC)
- Adjusted positions of rifles in the shoulder slots to reduce clipping with the character
- Animations of character symptoms do not conflict with other animations any more
- Added a UI prompt to exit the game credits
- Updated the game credits
- Adjusted the modern compass to be more readable in sunlight
- Adjusted colors of all raincoat-based armbands

- Added: cfgeventgroups.xml to define groups of objects to spawn with dynamic events
- Added: Hundreds of static environment objects now have a config-class to be spawned by the server
- Added: "deloot" attribute to events.xml to define the amount of wanted dynamic events loot for a child instead of the default value
- Added: "spawnsecondary" attribute to events.xml to define if the child should be spawning the secondary infected event
- Added: Warning message when a definition in types.xml will be ignored
- Added: Additional dynamic event setup validation and warning messages
- Added: Dynamic events now supports spawning of "dispatch" from proto xmls
- Added: "dispatch" and its children "proxy" from proto xmls now have an additional attribute "dechance", a float value ranging from 0-1 to decide chance of spawning at a dynamic event
- Fixed: Banlist, whitelist and prioritylist were cleared when the accompanied file was failed to be opened by the game
- Fixed: The enableDebug window was not fully displayed in certain resolutions
- Fixed: Random loot spawned by dynamic events would persist after a server restart
- Changed: The game now has an error message and shuts down when it cannot find the world


- Added: Not-categorized input actions are now displayed within the "Unsorted" category in the keybinding menu
- Added: CreateFrustum function to Shape class, accessible from script
- Added: Added and exposed Shape::GetMatrix() and Shape::SetPosition() to script
- Added: PrePhysUpdate, IsEvent and IsTag callbacks to AnimCommand so they are usable from any Animal and Infected command
- Added: PrePhysUpdate, IsEvent and IsTag callbacks to AnimCommandBase so they are usable from any Animal and Infected animation command
- Fixed: proxyInfo was never filled in for BoxCollidingResult
- Fixed: Damage from explosions was always falling off in 4 times the range
- Changed: Logic of transition changes while smoking/drying
- Changed: Armbands were redesigned to allow flag variants. Textures were split in halves and renamed.
- Changed: Layout files are no longer cached on Diag exe
- Changed: The game now has an error message and shuts down when it cannot find the navmesh while it is configured to load one
- Changed: Fall off damage from explosion goes linearly from 100% to 0% (from indirectHitRange to indirectHitRange * indirectHitRangeMultiplier)

DayZ Update 1.18 Video Guide

Immune System Tool Update + WOBO Health Update
News: Immune System Tool Update + WOBO Health Update
6 months ago

-Updated the Immunity Stat Checker Tool with the changes in DayZ 1.15.

Health update:
I was recently diagnosed with impingement syndrome, which is a condition that causes long-term pain in your shoulder due to bones being too close together.
The only way to separate these bones is surgery or physiotherapy, which I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. However, to give my arm the best chance of recovering, I've decided to do 2 more weeks of physiotherapy. Because of this, I won't be creating content for 2 weeks while I focus solely on my arm.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and happy new year!

WOBO Tools Patch #8 Patch Notes
News: WOBO Tools Patch #8 Patch Notes
8 months ago

-Added the Weapon Crack Tool to determine subsonic distances and weapon cracks of all weapons in DayZ.
-Removed the Weapon Sound Info Tool as all sounds can be found on the Weapon Sound Comparison Tool, and all sound distances on the Weapon Info/Stat Tool under the Loudness Stat.
-Redesigned the Damage Dropoff Tool to be more accurate, easier to use and automatically update the moment a new weapon is added to the DayZ weapon database.
-Redesigned the damage dropoff values on the Weapon Info Tool and added weapon crack distance here too.
-Created a DayZ armour database that allows the Damage Dropoff Tool to be updated with new armour. Armour tools will be added at a later date.
-Integrated the DayZ armour database into the changelog. This allows for notifications of armour changes and additions in the Changelog.
-Added the Flare Gun to the DayZ weapon database.
-Added the 4 Flare Cartridges to the DayZ ammo database.
-Changed the Loudness Stat in the DayZ weapon database to be the distance you hear the weapon in meters, instead of the close range decible value.
-Changed the Subsonic Speed Stat in the DayZ weapon database to be the distance a bullet becomes subsonic(no weapon crack sound gets played).
-Created more tool categories for easier navigation and cataloguing.
-Changed the way navigation works on mobile devices. Now you select a tool category from the tool selector, then the tool you want. This makes for easier navigation on mobile as WOBO Tools grows.

WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #4
News: WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #4
10 months ago

-Added a Changelog Feed that allows WOBO Tools to automatically record database changes. Effectively, this creates a history of stat changes across all patches to detail each minor stat change from patch to patch. The Changelog automatically adapts to newly added databases and new items within those databases. For the first time, the DayZ Community has a detailed game file stat changelog... Very. Cool.
-Patreon and YouTube Members that pledge above $10 will now have their name posted on the Wobology Feed and forever recorded in the newly added Sponsor Feed.
-All donations from all sources will be added to the newly added Donator Feed.
-Made all contributed tips free for everyone. Here is an example with a contributed tip from Chiyan.
-Added the magazines that ammo types load into on the Ammo Info Tool.
-Added the ammo type that loads into magazines on the Attachment Info Tool.
-Added the ammo that loads into the FULL magazines on the Attachment Stat Tool
-Added all of the weapon sounds of each weapon to the Weapon Info Tool.
-Merged databases, compressed code and optimised scripts to improve page load speeds across the website.

Please report any bugs here: Report an Issue.

WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #3
News: WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #3
11 months ago

-Added a Report Issue link to the header(top right) and footer(center bottom) of every page. Using this link, everyone can report problems, issues and errors directly to WOBO in a few clicks. You can also use this link to provide feedback or suggestions for
-Moved the Pioneer from the Rifle category to the Sniper Rifle category due to the addition of the x6 ACOG Optic and accuracy increases.
-Considered the potential to chamber a round/shell in the Max Ammo Count stat calculation. For example, the Mosin has a Max Ammo Count of 5, where the CR527 is now 5 + 1 Max Ammo Count.
-Corrected the decibel value of the M16.

WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #2
News: WOBO Tools Update 1.13 Patch #2
11 months ago

-Added the Ammo Info Tool and Ammo Stat Tool
-Added Quick Tips to the website, which will be ad-free for members
-Tips that are converted to Quick Tip Videos will be available to everyone for free
-Added Inventory Size of attachments to the Attachment Info Tool and Attachment Stat Tool
-Added what the reticule/ADS of an optic or sights looks like with an image on the Attachment Info Tool
-Added the Weight of FULL magazines to the Attachment Info Tool and Attachment Stat Tool
-Updated all descriptions across the website to 1.13
-Redesigned Wobology Feed to make accessing certain content easier
-Added donators to the footer and separated WOBO Legends and WOBO Superstars
-Renamed "Medical Tools" to "Player Stats"
-Added ammo image and link on Weapon Info Tool
-Removed Air Friction and Deflection from the Weapon Tools
-Moved Air Friction and Deflection to the Ammo Tools
-Moved the LAR/FN FAL to the Assault Rifle weapon category to simplify some tools
-Made secondary buttons on tools smaller and split buttons into categories for easier viewing
-Fixed many bugs and cleaned up some spaghetti code

WOBO Tools Update for DayZ 1.13 #1
News: WOBO Tools Update for DayZ 1.13 #1
12 months ago

-All of Asmondian's Infographics have been updated to DayZ patch 1.13.
-Added the M16 to the Weapon Info Tool and other weapon tools, such as the comparison tools and weapon sound tools.
-Added Sway as a stat to the Attachment Info Tool for Muzzles, Buttstocks and Handguards.
-Added Sway to the Attachment Stat Tool and configured the tool to allow negative values now.
-Added the ATOG Optic x6 to the Attachment Info Tool and stat tool.
-Added the 60 Round STANAG Mag to the Attachment Info Tool and stat tool.
-Changed the name of the 30 round STANAG x2 mag to "Coupled 60 Round Mag" on all tools to avoid conflicts.
-Added the 45 Round AK 74 Mag to the Attachment Info Tool and stat tool.
-Added the M16 and adjusted armour values of the Plate Carrier on the Damage Drop-off Tool.
-Added Asmondian's Infographics to the Tool Selector.

Asmondian Infographic Update for 1.13
News: Asmondian Infographic Update for 1.13
12 months ago

Asmondian has updated all of his DayZ infographics for patch 1.13 and posted a whole load of new ones too!
You'll find all the new Infographics below if you scroll down, or you can go directly to his Infographic Page to see all the updated infographics.
In addition, the Asmondian Infographics page has been added to the Tool Selector for quick access.

I think it goes without saying how thankful we are for the gift of Asmondian and his incredible infographics! The DayZ community is in his debt, along with the other members of the community that make these infographics possible. Thank you <3

WOBO Tools 1.12 Update
News: WOBO Tools 1.12 Update
1 year ago

-Updated all databases and tools with the updated game file stats
-Added the Pioneer and 5 Round Pioneer Magazine to the website
-Added the Pioneer 0m, 100m, 200m, 500m and suppressed sounds to the Weapon Sound Tool
-Added the distance weapon sounds can't be heard on the Weapon Sound Tool
-Reworked the Damage Drop-off Tool to include shock damage
-Reworked the Weapon Stat Tool and Weapon Stat Comparison Tool to include shock damage
-Added Damage Drop-off up to 300m to the Weapon Info Tool
-Added a "Tool Selector" to the header and footer of every page to switch tools faster
-Fixed some bugs and spelling/grammar mistakes

Thanks for being patient with this update!.. A lot changed so I had to edit some base code to suit the changes.

WOBO Tools DayZ Sound Update + WOBO Health Issue
News: WOBO Tools DayZ Sound Update + WOBO Health Issue
1 year ago

- Added the Weapon Sound Tool to help players understand certain weapons.
- Added the Weapon Sound Comparison Tool to aid in differentiating weapon sounds.
- Added 2 videos that help in understanding how weapon sounds work in the WOBO's Theater.
- WOBO will be away for 2 weeks to recover from a spine injury. Join the WOBO Discord to stay up to date on this matter.

WOBO Tools 1.12 Update Delay
News: WOBO Tools 1.12 Update Delay
1 year ago

It's going to take longer than expected to update the WOBO Tools website due to a lot changing in DayZ 1.12.
My estimation is 1 month from this post to update all of the info on this website.
The first update will be the damage drop-off tool, video to follow soon.

DayZ 1.12 Patch Changes
News: DayZ 1.12 Patch Changes
1 year ago

There's been a lot of changes in DayZ patch 1.12, but these changes will not be updated on the website until 1.12 goes to stable branch.
As 1.12 goes to stable, this website should be fully up to date again within one week of its release.
Once updated, I will post news on here and Twitter that this website is up to date again.
The experimental values of 1.12 are likely to change before stable, hence this decision. Thanks for understanding.

Magnum Damage Fix + Tips
News: Magnum Damage Fix + Tips
1 year ago

-The Magnum damage bug in DayZ has been fixed in 1.11. It now does the same damage as the Deagle.
The following tools have been updated:
  -Weapon Info Tool
  -Weapon Stat Tool
  -Weapon Stat Comparison Tool
  -Damage Drop-off Tool
-Added 6 tips to Tip Heaven from a recent tips video.
-Removed a tip "Cutting up rotten pumpkins/fish gives you fresh slices/fillets".

New Weapon Added to DayZ
News: New Weapon Added to DayZ
1 year ago

-Added the AS VAL and AS VAL AP to the Weapon Info Tool, Damage Drop-off Tool, Weapon Stat Tool and Weapon Stat Comparison Tool.
-Added the AS VAL 20 Round Magazine to the Attachment Info Tool and Attachment Stat Tool.
-Changed the 5.56 rounds Bullet Speed stat from 1000 to 910 as of DayZ Experimental 1.11.

Asmondian & WOBO Team Up!
News: Asmondian & WOBO Team Up!
1 year ago

Me and Asmondian have been working together to create an area of the website where he can upload, manage and update his infographics easier.
Here is the result: - > Asmondian's Infographics
Asmondian manages this area of the website, please direct any queries to him, and bugs to me :)
Follow Asmondian on Twitter for all the latest news regarding his infographics.

A Video Poll Has Started
News: A Video Poll Has Started
1 year ago

A new poll has started for which videos will come next. Visit the corresponding links to vote!
-> Poll on Patreon
-> Poll on YouTube Members

WOBO Tools Update 1.1
News: WOBO Tools Update 1.1
1 year ago

- Changed the layout of WOBO's Theater
- Gave Tip Heaven and The Toolbox dedicated pages
- Added a news feed and updated appearance of Wobology Feed
- Optimised entire website to increase speed and performance on mobiles and tablets
- Increased speed of database by reducing load on all pages
- Added a lot of the most useful tips from recent tips videos
- Added Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
- Increased brightness of images on the DayZ Info Tools