Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need to login to access some tools?

Some tools are released as alpha to test resource useage before public release. Patreon and Youtube members have access to alpha test tools.



Why can't I view tips and videos?

Videos and Tips on the WOBO Tools website are for members only. You can learn about becoming a member here.



Where do I get an access code?

Go to the WOBO Patreon page or to the WOBO Youtube Community page and scroll down until you see the WOBO.tools Access Code. Be aware that the access code changes monthly.



What is an access code?

An access code is a code found on the WOBO Patreon and Youtube Community page which grants you access to alpha test tools, watch ad-free videos and learn exclusive tips found on the WOBO Tools website.




Will all tools in alpha be fully released?

Eventually, yes. Some tools may stay in alpha longer than others while they are optimised.



Why do you need to optimise tools?

If a tool uses too many resources or has a security issue it could potentially negatively impact the entire website. Restricting access whilst a tool is tested is better and safer for everyone... And allows those that support this website to get rewarded for doing so.



Is it possible to get a permenent access code?

For now, no. Intergration with Patreon and Youtube is currently being looked into however.



How do I contact the owner/webmaster of the website?

WOBO responds on most social platforms. However, your best chance to contact him is a direct message on Discord.



How will I know when a tool comes out of alpha?

It will be announced as news on the Wobology Feed.



The video I'm trying to watch keeps buffering, how do I watch it?

For now, only HD videos are available on WOBO Tools. You can download the videos in WOBO's Theater and watch them on your device directly, or watch them on YouTube at a lower quality.