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What is WOBO Tools?

WOBO Tools is a website dedicated to providing players with tools to help them understand games better. The tools on this website allow players to compare the stats of items, get a better understanding of items, and see how items/characters are influenced by game mechanics. These tools help players become better players, but they also assist modders and developers in understanding the games WOBO covers too.

Who is WOBO?

WOBO is a content creator that spends his time gathering information in DayZ and presenting it to players in the form of videos, tips and tools. WOBO uses this website as a Wikipedia to store data and keep his DayZ videos, tips and information up to date. Some DayZ info on this website is delivered earlier to Patreon or YouTube members due to their generous support and financial backing, but all of WOBO's content is available for free to everyone shortly after.