Frequently Asked Questions



Why can't I view some tips and videos?

Videos and Tips on the WOBO Tools website are released earlier for members. Videos are available to everyone up to 2 days after being released to members, and new tips are available 1 week after being released to members.



How do I become a member?

You can learn about how to become a member here: Become a Member



What is an access code?

An access code is a code found on the WOBO Patreon page and Youtube Community page that allows you to login on wobo.tools, granting you access to alpha test tools, watch ad-free videos and get videos and tips earlier than others.
You need to be a Patreon or YouTube Member of WOBO to see the access code.



How do I get content notifications via RSS?

1. You need an RSS Reader app on your phone, or an extension if you're on desktop to get notifications.

Click the RSS feed button you wish to subscribe to on wobo.tools, then copy and paste the link/URL into the RSS Reader App you have chosen. The app called "Feeder" works nicely on phones(not sponsored). You need to tap the up arrow icon in the app to view the post on wobo.tools.

Click the RSS feed buttons found around WOBO.tools that you wish to subscribe to and a popup will appear allowing you to follow/subscribe to that feed via your RSS Reader browser extension.

3. Recommended RSS feed to follow: All Content RSS Feed



How do I contact the owner/webmaster of the website?

WOBO responds on most social platforms. However, your best chance to contact him is a direct message on Discord.



The video I'm trying to watch keeps buffering, how do I watch it?

For now, only HD videos are available on WOBO Tools. You can download the videos in WOBO's Theater and watch them on your device directly, or watch them on YouTube at a lower quality.



Where do I report an issue with the website?

You can report a problem with the website here. Or, you can report an issue to WOBO directly with Discord or leave a comment on one of his videos on YouTube.



Where can I make a suggestion for this website, a tip or a video?

You can make a suggestion here or to WOBO on Discord, or simply leave a comment on one of his videos on YouTube. WOBO reads all comments every few days.



Who is Asmondian and why are his infographics on WOBO Tools?

Asmondian is renowned in the DayZ community for helping players of all skill levels gain valuable knowledge through his well-crafted infographics. WOBO built a place for Asmondian to manage his infographics more efficiently, while giving fans of his creations easier access to his latest infographics.



How does WOBO get his information?

Using various mods, a private server and A LOT of testing. However, a lot of the information WOBO gets comes from the DayZ community.



How do I financially support WOBO's website and/or videos?

You can support WOBO simply by watching his videos without an advert blocker. However, the best way to support WOBO is by giving a one-time donation, or becoming a Patreon or YouTube Member. Patreons and YouTube members get videos/tips earlier.



What are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Scores?

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Scores are the 3 groups used to represent how powerful a certain stat is on an item.
Primary Stats -directly- impact the performance of an item, Secondary Stats -indirectly- impact stats and Tertiary stats are bonuses that don't impact performance directly or indirectly.



How are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Scores calculated?

The scores are the average percentage of all stats found in either the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary tiers on the item.
For example, if an item has 2 Primary stats on it that are 50 for the first stat and 100 for the second stat, the Primary Score(average) would be 75.



How is the Overall Score calculated?

The average percentage of all stats found in ALL of the Primary, Secondary AND Tertiary tiers combined with contribution multipliers considered.
Primary stats contribute much more to the Overall Score than Tertiary stat do. These contribution multipliers can be set based on the intended use of the item being scored, and are more of a rough score to help us quickly judge an item.
Note: Overall Scores are complex due to being valued based on all other items that have an Overall Score on. This means a new item added to a database may adjust all other Overall Scores, as all numbers used to score items are relative.



What does WOBO stand for?

It comes from the town Kambiwobo in DayZ. This is WOBO's favourite town.



Can I use the infomation on wobo.tools in my article/video/content?

Yes of course! But please do link back to the data you used as I keep wobo.tools up to date and the data you used may go out of date. I do not create the infographics, Asmondian does. If you wish to use them contact Asmondian.