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DayZ Immune System Tool

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Immune System Strength


Immune to: nothing!

You will get an illness if you eat raw meat/fat, eat/drink with bloody hands or drink from dirty water sources.


- The Immune System Stat Explained -

When your immune system is above 95%, you are immune to Influenza/Common Cold, Cholera & Salmonella

When your immune system is above 65%, you are immune to Influenza/Common Cold only.

When your immune system is below 65%, you are immune to nothing.

Going above 95% Immune System Stat doesn't provide any additional benefits.

Vitamins will boost your Immune System Stat to 100% for 5 minutes.

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DayZ Immune System Stat Details

The Immune system in DayZ is regulated by 4 of your core stats: hunger, thirst, blood and health. These stats are used to calculate how strong your Immune System is in percentage.

The best way to keep your immune system strong in DayZ is to get your stats to maximum and keep them there. In doing this, it's impossible to get Cholera, Influenza or Salmonella.

When you immune system is at maximum in DayZ, you can eat raw foods, drink from any water source and eat or drink with blood on your hands without getting sick.


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