DayZ Update 1.19 Patch Notes


DayZ Update 1.19 Patch Notes


- M1025 multipurpose vehicle
- SSG 82 rifle
- BK-12 shotgun and sawed-off variant
- GPS Receiver
- Water reflections (can be configured in the graphics settings)
- Thrown items now have impact sounds
- The portable map now provides more details depending on the navigation gear you are carrying (GPS, compass)
- Military convoys
- Replaced abandoned police cars with police events
- Blowtorch
- Punched card
- Glow plug
- Improvised eye patch
- Color variants of the plate carrier vest
- New stealth kill variant
- Hand-brake for vehicles
- Brake strength can be adjusted by combining it with Ctrl (light) and Shift (strong)
- Car horn for vehicles
- The player can now drown when submerged for too long
- Bleeding indicator in the HUD
- Favorites tab to the in-game server browser, displaying cached offline favorite servers
- Added a spare wheel slot for the Olga 24, Sarka 120 and Gunter 2


- Wolves and bears were able to hit players in vehicles (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T163439)
- The improvised suppressor would not display the correct model when ruined and detached from the weapon
- Public address system panels sometimes could not be started even when they had a battery in them
- Display of other characters in prone did not include inclination and rolling
- Reduced clipping of 40mm smoke grenades through geometry
- Dead bodies on top of a bear trap would reduce its damage significantly
- Torches and brooms could not be ignited indoors
- Grenades attached to vests would not explode when the vest was destroyed in a fireplace
- Switching tabs in the server browser too fast could prevent servers from loading
- The kitchen timer was not always rendered inside the improvised explosive
- It was possible to cover an improvised explosive with a garden plot
- The claymore mine could not be disarmed in some cases (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166006)
- A ruined remote trigger attached to a tripwire would still trigger
- When approaching an explosive charge with a remote detonator, the UI would pretend that multiple options are available
- An ignited torch in hands would not extinguish while swimming with it
- Dead characters would still display a "strong pulse"
- The characters arm would clip into the body when running with the fireworks launcher
- Cooking sounds would persist on the spot even after the cooking ware was removed (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165110)
- The AUR A1 with magazine was slightly cropped when displayed in hands in the inventory
- Vehicles would give off exhaust smoke only when started for the first time
- The cargo of the Assault Vest and -Pack were not displayed separately
- Plastic explosives close to an explosion did not take damage
- Jumping into a steep hill caused the character to "float" to the top
- Fixed a game crash related to loading and saving of characters (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166829)
- It was possible through several exploits to glitch through the terrain surface
- Items with attachments without cargo were closed by default in vicinity and equipment (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T163406, https://feedback.bistudio.com/T163364)
- It was not possible to target a vehicle engine with melee attacks (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165925)
- It was possible to refuel cars vehicles even when the tank was ruined
- The radiator of the Sarka 120 was accessible even when the hood was closed
- The player camera would fall faster than their character from huge heights
- It was not possible to scroll between several attached items to remove from the M3S (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T164587, https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166668)
- Characters were getting wet from rain while sitting in vehicles (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T164711)
- Changed materials of several objects for more accurate sounds and bullet penetration
- The common cold would be too effective against the players immune system
- It was not possible to put the KA and M4-A1 Bayonets into the knife slot
- It was possible to cook using ruined cookware (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165523)


- Reworked the simulation of vehicles, greatly impacting their general behavior
- Tweaked vehicle simulation parameters on surfaces for vehicles
- Reduced the speed of the player when running up/down steep terrain
- Increased the inertia of the character when accelerating
- Character slows down more when running turns
- Character running speed is slowed down in medium water levels
- 40mm smoke grenades now bounce off of wooden and metal surfaces and deal damage on impact
- It is no longer required to aim to the ground to empty a liquid container
- Fish, hares and chicken can no longer be skinned using the mosin bayonet
- Reduced the amount of explosives needed to break open a locked door
- Improved the holding of the remote detonator receiver in players' hands
- Improved synchronization of the stealth kill
- Improved sounds of the gas station explosion
- Damaged fuel tanks can now be repaired using duct tape or epoxy putty
- Vehicles are now ruined when their fuel tank is ruined
- All optics can now be repaired using the electronics repair kit
- Decreased the improvement of the immune system by high energy/hydration levels on average
- Most of the items in the world now have their damage state randomized
- Reduced the chance of weapons jamming by about 50% to account for damaged magazines now appearing more often
- Slightly increased brightness of the scene during daylight and reduced the difference between overcast and clear days
- It is now possible to untie another player with bare hands
- Updated the in-game credits
- Tweaked the lights distance and brightness for the headtorch and flashlight types
- The character now turns their head when looking around on ladders
- Tweaked the font settings on the in-game 2D map
- Sea chests and wooden crates can be repaired using wooden planks
- The pipe wrench can no longer be used to repair vehicle engines
- Reduced number of firearms available in the world (CE adjustment)


- Added sawmills
- Added two new villages
- Added Brena health care center
- Added quarries
- Added deforested areas
- Added hunting cabins
- Added forest camps
- Added summer camps
- Added tenement blocks to selected cities
- Added amusement parks
- Added Dambog ammunition storage
- Fixed: Various issues with object placement
- Changed: Respawn locations upon server-switch
- Changed: Replaced old M1025 wrecks with new variants that can spawn its parts


- Added M1025 wrecks that can spawn its parts
- Fixed: Various issues with object placement
- Fixed: Medvezhi lugi was written in Latin letters on the map


- Added: Server config bool parameter "forceSamePBOVersion" (default = false) which utilizes the 'version' property of a PBO and kicks players that have PBOs that do not match the version of those on the server
- Added: LootDamageMin and LootDamageMax globals to control the damage state of any item spawned by CE (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T161647)
- Added: Navigation-related settings to the cfgGameplay.json
- Added: Inertia-related settings to the cfgGameplay.json
- Added: Warning about duplicate prototype being skipped
- Added: DE error messages indicating incorrect Limit setup
- Added: Option to set scale of the object in the object spawner json files
- Fixed: LoadPrototype warnings were sometimes not displayed
- Fixed: LoadPrototype statistics were sometimes incorrect
- Fixed: cfgspawnabletypes.xml children (), configuration was not working (was almost always using the default global one) (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T161647)
- Fixed: Server messages to players did not work (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T150586)
- Changed: ErrorModuleHandler will now print to RPT even without -dologs enabled
- Changed: "Finish script disconnect" message will now also mention the uid to better identify the player in cases of -1
- Changed: Improved warning message about failed cluster adding


- Added: Launcher can now view cached offline favorited servers
- Fixed: Crash data was not properly separated between the Experimental and Stable branches
- Fixed: The description of the player count in the launcher was not fully localized (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T150206)
- Tweaked: Removed "Unsubscribe all Steam Workshop mods" option from More+ options in the mods tab of the Experimental Launcher due to incompatibility


- Added: [WIN + ALT] debug menu for the diagnostic executable and various debug options with it
- Added: Script DbgUI now works on the diagnostic executable
- Added: SHumanCommandMoveSettings::m_fDirFilterSprintTimeout for inertia in sprinting
- Added: CGame::RegisterNetworkStaticObject for enabling replication on static (map) objects
- Added: World::GetGridCoords for translation of world position into grid position
- Added: Support for "deflectingMultiplier" parameter to ammoType, and specifically use it in 40mm smoke grenade configs
- Added: typename.GetModule
- Added: Class.StaticGetType
- Added: EnProfiler with API to profile script
- Added: Scale is replicated upon object creation
- Added: Additional EventTypeTypeIDs
- Added: PlayerIdentity.GetPlayer (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T140344)
- Added: New function World::SetExplicitVolumeFactor_EnvSounds2D for suppressing 2D environmental ambient sounds
- Added: Function Weather::SuppressLightningSimulation
- Added: Button on toolbar in Workbench Particle Editor to disable Post Process Effects
- Added: New type of script variable synchronization RegisterNetSyncVariableBoolSignal
- Added: Ability to adjust light parameters depending on an inventory slot of an item the light is attached to
- Added: CentralEconomy.c documentation
- Fixed: Double clicking on a call stack in Workbench did not always go to the correct file
- Fixed: Several crashes and errors surrounding reading in .json with the JsonFileLoader
- Fixed: Several Workbench start-up crashes when script can't compile
- Fixed: Several bugs leading to script compile error not displaying any error
- Fixed: When any of the first 3 modules fail to compile the game will display a dialog box with the error and then generate a minidump instead of hard crashing
- Fixed: Removed auto clearing inventory reservation from c++ -> now it is controlled from script (time out still working)
- Fixed: [DayZAnimalCommandScriptClass::Initialize] VME being spammed even when everything is correct (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166345)
- Fixed: Localization of mod info was not updated until the game was restarted
- Fixed: MapWidget was not being clipped by parent widget even when clipchildren is enabled
- Fixed: An issue with integer comparison (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167065)
- Fixed: Stored PlayerIdentity changing to a different identity or garbage (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T144773)
- Fixed: SetMapPos being inaccurate (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167081)
- Fixed: Map markers being offset by +5 on the x axis
- Fixed: Workbench crashing when Script Editor is connected to the game and a certain amount of Prints had been sent to the Output
- Changed: Synchronized SetCartridgeAtIndex and SetCartridgeDamageAtIndex
- Changed: PlayerIdentity can now be modded (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T140344)
- Changed: Introduced alternatives to 'IsUseButton' and 'IsUseButtonDown' methods, that are reacting to 'UADefaultAction' and 'UAFire' separately
- Tweaked: All projectiles attempt to do some impact damage even if their caliber = 0 (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165051)

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