WOBO Tools Patch #10.5 (DayZ Loot Finder Patch)


WOBO Tools Patch #10.5 (DayZ Loot Finder Patch)

-Added police car dynamic spawns for the Scout/Pioneer on Chernarus and Livonia.
-Added subcategories for most items, such as: Firearm, Attachment, Head, Feet, Medical, Cooking, Edible, Drinkable and more.
-Typing a subcategory into the search bar will display all items in that subcategory.
-Greatly increased the accuracy of "Related loot" by including subcategories in the algorithm. This has reduced related loot spam too.
-Changed the main categories of several items to make more sense. For example, Sea Chest has been moved from Tools to Containers.
-Renamed and corrected many items to make them easier to search/find. For example, changing "Sedan 02" to "Sarka".
-Increased pagination results by one, showing two pages ahead and two pages behind now.
-Fixed a map issue on smaller devices displaying tiers in a misaligned manner.
-Despawn times now adapt from hours to minutes for items that despawn less than one hour after spawning.

Posted 1 year ago

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