WOBO Tools Patch #9


WOBO Tools Patch #9

-Added the Weapon Rank Tool, Attachment Rank Tool and Ammo Rank Tool to compare how items in DayZ rank against each other.
-Added the Weapon Comparison Tool, Attachment Comparison Tool and Ammo Comparison Tool to compare items easier (detailed).
-Added the Weapon Vs Weapon Tool, Attachment Vs Attachment Tool and Ammo Vs Ammo Tool to compare items easier (simplified).
-These 9 tools bring the first working version of a scoring system for items on this website. Other tools have been modified to suit these changes.
-Added a 10th tool this patch called the DayZ Stat Info Tool, which provides additional infomation about how stats are converted from the game to WOBO Tools.
-A new navigation system has been added that allows much faster access to any part of the website, is mobile compatible and includes the color of tools on the menu.
-The new navigation system comes with a new notification system, highlighting content that is new to the website unless you have already seen that content. The new content is also highlighted in all content feeds.
-Added RSS Feeds to all content feeds and content pages to allow all content to be pushed to mobile apps, browser extensions and Discord. Click here to subscribe to all content on WOBO Tools. If you're unsure how to configure RSS Feeds, you can learn how to setup notifications here.
-Added firemodes of weapons to the Weapon Info Tool in the description of the weapon selected.
-Added if a weapon can jam or not to the description of a weapon. Note: durability will be added as a stat at a later date that will describe jam chance better.
-Added adverts to the website for users that are not logged in. This means WOBO Patreons, YouTube Members and Twitch Subscribers won't see these adverts. This is to help maintain a responsive web server and scale the website better.
-Added News, Changelog, Sponsorship and Donator pages to track entries easier.
-Patch notes from the DayZ forums are now configured to work with WOBO Tools and will be posted to the News Feed when DayZ updates occur.
-Added the ability to export item selections made on tools to other tools connected to the same database. Look for the "Export" text on some tools to transfer your selections to another tool.
-Added arrows to Info Tools that allows you to go to the next or previous weapon/ammo/attachment in that category. If the next/previous item is not inside the same category it will go to the next/previous category.
-Added the Projectile category to welcome the addition of the M79 Grenade Launcher, and moved the Flare Gun to this category.
-Added the Derringer Pistol, Sawed Off Magnum and Sawed Off Blaze from DayZ Patch 1.18.
-Twitch Subscribers can now get the access code for WOBO Tools via the WOBO Discord in the channel called wobo-tools-code.
-Added a URL shortener to the website that can be found on all Info and Stat Tools

-Reworked a lot of stats to make them all positive. This means the longer the stat bar is, the better that stat is, allowing us to quickly see which stats are best.
-Stat bars now correctly display the best and worst items with that stat on. For example, a 0% stat bar means it is the worst item with that stat on compared to similar items, preventing skewed stat bars.
-Split all stats into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Stats based on how relevant they are; Primary = 100%, Secondary = 25% and Tertiary = 5%.
-The Attachment Info Tool will now only compare the stats on items inside their own category. For example, handguards will only be compared to handguards on this tool.
-Limiting the attachment category on the Attachment Stat Tool will now compare the stats on items inside that category only. However, not having the limit on compares all attachments to all other attachments regardless of category.
-Removed the legacy Weapon Stat Comparison Tool due to it being deprecated by the new Weapon Comparison Tool.
-Moved Tracer Elidgibility to the description of the ammo type selected on the Ammo Info Tool.
-The Maximum Ammo Capacity stat has been merged with the Maximum Chamber Capacity stat on DayZ weapons.
-Buckshot Health Damage and Shock Damage are no longer per pellet, but an average of all 8 pellets(4 pellets). Buckshot is unpredictable due to RNG, hence this choice to average the damage to an average of 4 pellets.
-The Changelog now outputs percentage differences to quickly get an idea of how much a stat changed.
-Buffs or nerfs in the Changelog are now indicated by color. Green is a buff, red is a nerf.
-Updated the Rapid Fire sounds on the Weapon Sound Comparison Tool for weapons that had their RPM changed recently.
-Redesigned the Wobology feed and renamed it to the Content feed, and renamed some other pages and categories.
-All tips on the tips page will now automatically unlock 7 days after they are released on this website(members get them immediately).
-All videos on the videos page and quick tips page will now automatically unlock 2 days after they are released on this website(members get them immediately).
-Merged the Damage Dropoff Tool into the DayZ Weapon Database and weapon related menus.
-The Bullet Speed stat has been renamed to Projectile Speed to suit the addition of the M79.
-WOBO Enthusiasts($5/month) on Patreon and YouTube Members will now be added to the Sponsorship Feed and the Content Feed as an announcement of thier support.
-The Damage Dropoff chart for weapons on the Weapon Info Tool now scales to the weapon being viewed.
-The Damage Dropoff Tool maximum chart height(damage number) now adjusts automatically to the maximum damage found across all weapons in DayZ.
-The Weapon Crack Tool maximum chart height(projectile speed in m/s) now adjusts automatically to the maximum projectile speed found across all weapons in DayZ.
-All tips are now unlocked for everyone(if the tip was posted more than 7 days ago).

-Light mode now shows all writing with the correct contrasting.
-Increased the speed of all tools and made most pages use much less bandwidth by consolidating code and databases.
-Fixed the Penetration Rating stat to display the correct value across all tools now.
-Removed the animation for stat bars, including the ability to toggle them on and off in Options due to a recent Windows 10 update stopping the stat bars from loading sometimes.
-Reduced the amount of spam the Changelog outputs on Discord and this website.
-Merged the fixed AUR A1 Optic stats with the AUR A1 weapon description. This means it is no longer on the Attachment Tools as an optic.
-Fixed many stat and attachment inaccuracies around the website and fixed many bugs and visual issues.
-Video descriptions now display correctly to users not logged in.
-The "Next" and "Previous" buttons across the website no longer loop/reset if the next/previous item isn't found.
-A bug that caused crazy scroll jumping to occur during page loads has been fixed.
-Removed many images to reduce load times and made all images load 3 times faster.
-Infographics now load on average 6 times faster and require much less bandwidth to view/download.

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