WOBO 2.0 Roadmap


WOBO 2.0 Roadmap

I'm back from my wedding/honeymoon and everything went great, thanks for all the kind words and support! :)
Now that I'm back, WOBO 2.0 can begin!

WOBO 2.0 includes regular website updates and related videos to back up the additions to the website.
For example, a DayZ Loot Finder Tool will be added to the website soon that will tell you exactly which areas(industrial, military, civilian, etc) specific items spawn in, along with the chance it has to spawn in those locations... The video that backs up this new tool will explain loot tags, loot tiers and other information. Both the tool and video are standalone, but support one another.

Moreover, with the addition of the recent WOBO Tools Patch #9, item databases can be added a lot more easily to the website. This means Clothing, Melee Weapons, Explosives, Armor, Base Building Objects, etc will be added and configured to work with all tools to display stats, loot locations and other information. Separate tools can then connect to these item databases to, for example, display the strength of base walls and armor in DayZ vs melee, explosives and firearms.

With the addition of specific item databases will come guides to explain what the stats mean and which items are best/worst in each database. For example, a DayZ Melee Weapon database will include a Melee Weapon Guide video that explains all categories of melee weapons, and which ones are best in which scenarios. The DayZ Community can then use the website to stay up to date from patch to patch with any changes to melee weapon stats via the Changelog and the tools that are configured to display melee weapon stats/info.

So WOBO 2.0 is the expansion of the website to create an additional online resource for DayZ information and stats. However, DayZ updates(such as 1.19) will always take priority over website updates in order to keep the community up to date with any DayZ changes, and WOBO.Tools is not intended to replace the DayZ Wiki. I have spoken to some contributors of the DayZ Wiki and they are free to use any info from this website as long as a link to the source of the info is provided for reference and crosschecking outdated/incorrect info. DayZ is an incredibly complicated and in-depth game that changes every patch; we need all the resources we can get to understand its mechanics and stay up to date. I strongly believe more resources of info is a great thing for the DayZ community, so I ask any contributors of the DayZ Wiki to continue contributing to the DayZ Wiki and not rely solely on WOBO.Tools. This applies to everyone, don't 100% believe any info on WOBO.Tools... It could be wrong/outdated.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone that has supported me on this long journey of DayZ info mastery so far, your generosity and kindness motivates me more than you are aware. I look forward to your future reactions to the many videos, tips and tools that are on the way :)

Posted 1 year ago

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