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Sterilising Efficiently

Sterilising Efficiently

DayZ Tip

Using Iodine, Rubbing Alcohol or Disinfected to cure wound infection in stage 1 uses this much of each:
Iodine: 10%
Rubbing Alcohol: 20%
Disinfectant: 30%

However, if you use these 3 to sterilise a rag, bandage or sewing kit, you will only use this much:
Iodine: 5%
Rubbing Alcohol: 10%
Disinfectant: 15%

This means it is far more efficent to sterilise your rag, bandage or sewing kit to avoid wound infection. Not to mention, the disinfected status gets applied to every rag in a stack of rags.

All credit for this tip goes to Joe Brown

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Posted 1 month ago

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