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- Compactness Description -
Compactness is a reversed stat of the width and height of the weapon in slots in your inventory. The more compact a weapon is, the less space it will take in your inventory.

Derringer: 2slots

Flare Gun: 4slots

IJ 70: 4slots

Sawed Off Magnum: 4slots

CR 75: 6slots

Engraved 1911: 6slots

FX 45: 6slots

Kolt 1911: 6slots

Mlock 91: 6slots

P1 Pistol: 6slots

Deagle: 8slots

Deagle Gold: 8slots

Magnum: 8slots

MK II: 8slots

Longhorn: 10slots

Sawed off BK 12  Buck: 10slots

Sawed off BK 12  Rubber: 10slots

Sawed off BK 12  Slugs: 10slots

Sawed off BK 18: 10slots

Sawed off BK 43  Buck: 10slots

Sawed off BK 43  Rubber: 10slots

Sawed off BK 43  Slugs: 10slots

Sawed Off Blaze: 10slots

Sawed off Mosin 9130: 10slots

CR 61 Skorpion: 12slots

SG5 K: 15slots

AUR A1: 18slots

Bizon: 18slots

KAS 74U: 18slots

LE MAS: 18slots

M79 Launcher Explosive: 18slots

M79 Launcher Gas: 18slots

M79 Launcher Smoke: 18slots

USG 45: 18slots

Vikhr: 18slots

Vikhr AP: 18slots

Vaiga  Buck: 21slots

Vaiga  Rubber: 21slots

Vaiga  Slugs: 21slots

AS VAL: 24slots

AS VAL AP: 24slots

AUR AX: 24slots

KAM: 24slots

KA 101: 24slots

KA 74: 24slots

LAR: 24slots

M4A1: 24slots

VSS: 24slots

VSS AP: 24slots

BK 12  Buck: 27slots

BK 12  Rubber: 27slots

BK 12  Slugs: 27slots

BK 133  Buck: 27slots

BK 133  Rubber: 27slots

BK 133  Slugs: 27slots

BK 18: 27slots

BK 43  Buck: 27slots

BK 43  Rubber: 27slots

BK 43  Slugs: 27slots

Blaze: 27slots

CR 527: 27slots

DMR: 27slots

M16: 27slots

Pioneer: 27slots

Repeater: 27slots

SK 5966: 27slots

Sporter 22: 27slots

SSG 82: 27slots

CR 550 Savanna: 30slots

Mosin 9130: 30slots

M 70: 30slots

VSD: 30slots

Crossbow Feathered Bolts: 45slots

Crossbow Hunting Bolts: 45slots

Crossbow Improvised Bolts: 45slots

- Compactness Description -
Compactness is a reversed stat of the width and height of the weapon in slots in your inventory. The more compact a weapon is, the less space it will take in your inventory.

About DayZ Weapons

Weapons in DayZ can be split into serveral weapon categories that are as follows: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and Projectile Firearms.

DayZ weapons have a lot of stats that impact how a weapon will react to different situations. These stats can be changed slightly or drastically by attaching attachments to your weapons in DayZ.

Rifles are long firearms that are powerful and can hit targets accurately at range. Making them a great choice stealthy players that like to shoot from a distance.

Shotguns are incredible dangerous up close, but lack in effectiveness at medium and especially long distance. Shotguns are best used in urban combat for this reason.

Handguns are compact firearms that can only be shot and handled with one hand. They are less powerful and accurate than rifles, but they are more concealable and portable. They are classified into several categories, including revolvers and pistols. While the cylinder of a revolver rotates in place of a magazine, the magazine of a handgun may hold a significant number of rounds.

Weapon Stat Tool Description: Compare the single stat of a weapon against all other weapons



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