SSG 82 Weapon Info for DayZ

  SSG 82  

Sniper Rifle

Fires 545x39 Rounds

SSG 82 Ammo

SSG 82 Damage Drop-off

0m: Health: 115
Shock:  115
100m: Health: 101.6
Shock:  112.9
200m: Health: 89.7
Shock:  99.7
300m: Health: 79.2
Shock:  88
400m: Health: 70
Shock:  77.8
500m: Health: 61.8
Shock:  68.7
600m: Health: 54.6
Shock:  60.7
700m: Health: 48.2
Shock:  53.6
800m: Health: 42.6
Shock:  47.3
900m: Health: 37.6
Shock:  41.8
1000m: Health: 33.2
Shock:  36.9

Health Dropoff


Shock Dropoff


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SSG 82 Gun Sounds

Very Close

100 Meters Away

200 Meters Away

500 Meters Away

Suppressed - Very Close

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Shots To Ruin SSG 82

Quality Ruins in
From Pristine (100%) 234 shots
From Worn (70%) 163 shots
From Damaged (50%) 117 shots
From Badly Damaged (30%) 70 shots

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SSG 82 Jam Chance

Quality Chance Per Shot
While Pristine 0%
While Worn 0%
While Damaged 0%
While Badly Damaged 0%
While Ruined 100%

Magazines quality can cause weapon jams too.
Add the "Chance Per Shot" value here with the magazines "Chance Per Shot" value to get the total jam chance per shot

Magazine Jam Chance

SSG 82 Weapon Crack Distance

The 545x39 Rounds fired by the SSG 82 become subsonic at 750 meters.

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SSG 82 DayZ Weapon Summary

The SSG 82 uses 545x39 Rounds and can fire at 27.27 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) inflicting 115 health damage and 115 shock damage per shot with 125 recoil rating out of 700(lower is better).

The SSG 82 is capable of doing a full reload in 5.35 seconds, containing a maximum ammo capacity of 6.

With the SSG 82's Accuracy stat of 0.00075, Max Zeroing Distance of 100 and Muzzle Velocity of 880 meters per second, the SSG 82 has a Base Range of roughly 450 meters without any attachments.

Because the Muzzle Velocity is 880 meters per second and the caliber stat is 0.9 for the ammo used by the SSG 82(545x39 Rounds), this weapon has a Penetration Power of 792 out of 977.5(higher is better).

The SSG 82 can be heard up to 3400 meters away without a suppressor(unless the suppressor is a fixed suppressor weapon), and has a Sway Rating of 1 out of 8.125(lower is better).

The inventory size of the SSG 82 is 27 total slots, weighing 4500 grams with a length of 105 centimeters without any attachments.


Other DayZ Sniper Rifles like the SSG 82


Otherwise known as the B95, the Blaze can fire 2 .308 Rounds in quick succession, or expel both rounds at the same time with a double shot. The Blaze is very powerful at range due to the double shot inflicting twice the damage. The Blaze doesn't allow a muzzle attachment unlike the Tundra.

CR 527

The CR 527 used to be classed as a Rifle but has been moved to the Sniper Rifle category due to its increased damage and accuracy. The CR 527 is otherwise known as the CZ 527 and functions much like the CR 550 Sniper Rifle. Fires 7.62x39 Rounds.

CR 550 Savanna

The CR 550 Savanna is also known as the CZ 550. It is best described as being a hybrid of the M70 Tundra(Winchester) for its damage and range, and the CR 527 for its external magazine. Using .308 rounds, this Sniper Rifle has high damage and is best used at range due to its slow rate of fire. The hunting scope makes this weapon very powerful at sniping objects at a range and the 10 round Magazine makes your true RPM better than most Sniper Rifles in DayZ


Otherwise known as the M14, the DMR is an extremely powerful Designated Marksman Rifle that does a lot of damage quickly firing .308 Rounds. It's in the Sniper Rifle category as it fits here best for now, and competes with the best Sniper Rifles in DayZ. The DMR has very high damage, is incredibly accurate and fires rounds quickly due to it being a semi-auto firearm. The M14 DMR is one of the best weapons in DayZ with an optic attached, but also excels in close combat situations. It's wise to be afraid of this weapon if you hear it.

Mosin 9130

The Mosin Nagant uses 7.62x54 Rounds and is a favourite for many players since the birth of DayZ. The Mosin is very powerful at long distance, but due to the Mosin being bolt-action like many Sniper Rifles in DayZ, it is more difficult to use in close quarters combat. For this reason, it is best to have a secondary firearm for close range shootouts.

M 70

The M 70 Tundra is also known as the Winchester and is widely considered to be one of the best Sniper Rifles in DayZ. Using .308 rounds, this Sniper Rifle has high damage and is best used at range. The Hunting Scope makes this weapon very powerful at sniping at a range, and allows the Improvised Suppressor so you can be stealthy while using this firearm.


Otherwise known as the Scout Rifle, the Pioneer has been moved to the Sniper Rifle category due to its long distance damage, optic weapon attachments and other capabilities. The pioneer fires 5.56x45 rounds so does not inflict as much damage as the other Sniper Rifles, but does allow great gun Optics and the same suppressor that attaches to the M4A1.

Sawed Off Blaze

Otherwise known as the B95, the Sawed Off Blaze can fire 2 .308 Rounds in quick succession, or expel both rounds at the same time with a double shot. The Sawed Off Blaze is very powerful at range due to the double shot inflicting twice the damage, but not as good as the regular Blaze. The Sawed Off Blaze can be crafted by combining a Blaze with a hacksaw.

Sawed off Mosin 9130

The Sawed-off Mosin uses 7.62x54 Rounds and still allows the attachment of weapon Optics/Sights. While improving mobility, sawing off the Mosin reduces many stats and is considered a sin among many in the DayZ community. Due to its size, this can be easily concealed in clothing. Be aware that when sawing off the Mosin in DayZ, you will lose the ability to accurately use the iron sights.

SV 98

The SV-98, otherwise known as the VS-89 in DayZ, is a bolt action sniper rifle that has high damage and range. Even though the SV-98 can attach a 10 round magazine, the rate of fire is very low, and is therefore best used in medium to long-range combat. Fires 762x54 rounds.


Also known as the SVD, the VSD is arguably the best Sniper Rifle in DayZ with its quick rate of fire and high damage. Combining this firearm with an optic and an AK suppressor makes it something to be feared. Fires 7.62x54 Rounds.


DayZ Sniper Rifle Category


About DayZ Weapons

Weapons in DayZ can be split into serveral weapon categories that are as follows: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and Projectile Firearms.

DayZ weapons have a lot of stats that impact how a weapon will react to different situations. These stats can be changed slightly or drastically by attaching attachments to your weapons in DayZ.

Rifles are long firearms that are powerful and can hit targets accurately at range. Making them a great choice stealthy players that like to shoot from a distance.

Shotguns are incredible dangerous up close, but lack in effectiveness at medium and especially long distance. Shotguns are best used in urban combat for this reason.

Handguns are compact firearms that can only be shot and handled with one hand. They are less powerful and accurate than rifles, but they are more concealable and portable. They are classified into several categories, including revolvers and pistols. While the cylinder of a revolver rotates in place of a magazine, the magazine of a handgun may hold a significant number of rounds.

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