Crack Quietness Stat Explained

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Crack Quietness

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Stat Name:

Crack Quietness


Weapon Stats


Crack Quietness is a reversed stat of when a projectile becomes subsonic in DayZ in meters. Subsonic projectiles do not generate a weapon crack or snap sound. If the distance is 0 meters, it means it is always subsonic and can never generate a crack sound when firing at enemies.

The Weapon Crack Tool can be used to better understand the Crack Quietness stat.


Tertiary: Tertiary stats impact the performance of items a small amount. This makes them the least valuable stats that should rarely be considered when comparing items


This stat is reversed, which means the higher the stat number goes, the more the stat bars found around this website decrease.


VSS at 0 Crack Quietness

The same Crack Quietness value is found on: VSS AP - USG 45 - BK 133 Rubber - BK 43 Rubber - Sawed off BK 43 Buck - Sawed off BK 43 Slugs - Sawed off BK 43 Rubber - Vaiga Buck - Vaiga Rubber - MK II - IJ 70 - FX 45 - Kolt 1911 - Engraved 1911 - AS VAL - AS VAL AP - P1 Pistol - M79 Launcher Explosive - M79 Launcher Gas - M79 Launcher Smoke - Flare Gun - BK 12 Rubber - Sawed off BK 12 Buck - Sawed off BK 12 Slugs - Sawed off BK 12 Rubber - Crossbow Improvised Bolts - Crossbow Feathered Bolts - Crossbow Hunting Bolts


DMR at 1025 Crack Quietness



More Info:

Weapon Crack Tool

Related Weapon Stats

Primary Stats

- Health Damage -

The Health Damage a weapon does at point-blank range to the chest of an unarmored player. Health Damage is calculated using the "Base Health Damage" on the ammo combined with muzzle velocity. 100 health damage is required to kill a player.

- Primary -


- Shock Damage -

The Shock Damage a weapon does at point-blank range to the chest of an unarmored player. Shock Damage is calculated using the "Base Shock Damage" on the ammo combined with muzzle velocity. 75 shock damage is required to make a player go unconscious.

- Primary -


- Rate of Fire -

Rate of Fire directly comes from the Rounds Per Minute or RPM of a weapon in DayZ without considering reloads. The number used to calculate this comes from a different number in the game files that follows a frequency of 30Hz for ONLY the full auto fire mode. This means burst fire and semi auto fire modes are judged by literally how many rounds you can fire per minute without considering reloads. You can calculate damage per minute by multiplying this number by the damage stat in DayZ.

- Primary -


- Max Range -

Max Range is the maximum range the weapon can reliably hit shots with its best attachments attached. This stat considers bullet speed, air friction, dispersion, maximum zeroing distance, reticle and any other features attachments provide.

- Primary -


Secondary Stats

- Accuracy -

Accuracy is a reversed stat of the dispersion stat found in the game files. Dispersion is the base probability a bullet will travel off-center. It randomly generates a number between 0(perfect accuracy) and the dispersion value the weapon has. The bigger the gap in numbers, the more unpredictable and off-center the bullet path will be. Note that attachments can greatly reduce dispersion on weapons in DayZ.

- Secondary -


- Base Range -

A rough guide to how far away you can hit a player model in meters. This stat considers bullet speed, air friction, dispersion, maximum zeroing distance and even the model of the default iron sights of a weapon. This stat is merely used to give a rough estimate of the ranges the weapon is useful against other players and infected WITHOUT attachments.

- Secondary -


- Ammo Capacity -

The maximum amount of ammo a weapon can carry before it requires a full reload. This stat considers the maximum size magazine attachment... If the weapon allows a magazine. Tip: Guns that allow a magazine can hold 1 extra round in the barrel of the weapon.

- Secondary -


- Projectile Speed -

The speed a projectile flies from the gun in meters per second without considering air friction. Projectile Speed is calculated by taking the Initial Speed of the ammo it uses multiplied by the Initial Speed Multiplier stat found directly on the weapon itself. This stat replicates muzzle velocity, and heavily impacts the damage and penetration of a gun in DayZ.

- Secondary -


- Reload Speed -

The time it takes in seconds for a weapon to reload from the start of the animation to the end of the animation. Be aware that if the weapon has ammo in the chamber, the time it takes to reload is slightly faster due to no cocking animation being required. The animation is played frame by frame in video editing software to determine the exact speed a weapon can fully reload in DayZ.

- Secondary -


- Recoil Control -

Recoil Control is a reversed stat of recoil and is the movement in the X and Y axis when a weapon is fired without any attachments. The way recoil numbers are collected will change in the near future due to recent discoveries. Attachments greatly impact this stat.

- Secondary -


- Sway Control -

Sway Control is a reversed stat of Sway, and is the drift a weapon has from side to side while not holding your breath. The numbers above are rough estimates of sway, new methods are being tested to better collect sway data. Attachments greatly impact this stat.

- Secondary -


- Penetration Power -

Penetration Power, or PP, is the ability to penetrate surfaces in DayZ with projectiles. This stat is calculated by multiplying Bullet Speed(Initial Speed on ammo by the Initial Speed Multiplier on the weapon) with Caliber. The Caliber stat and Initial Speed Multiplier are found in the game files.

- Secondary -


- Zeroing Distance -

The maximum zeroing distance of a weapon without attachments in meters. The higher you can zero, the easier it is to hit targets at range. Attachments greatly impact this stat.

- Secondary -


Tertiary Stats

- Quietness -

Quietness is a reversed stat of how far away a weapon can be heard when fired in meters. This distance is not 100% accurate due to everyone having a different sound setup and volume. Suppressors greatly improve this stat.

- Tertiary -


- Compactness -

Compactness is a reversed stat of the width and height of the weapon in slots in your inventory. The more compact a weapon is, the less space it will take in your inventory.

- Tertiary -


- Shortness -

This is a reversed stat of the length stat found in the game files, and determines how far away the muzzle of a gun is from the center of the player in centimeters. The longer a weapon the sooner it will raise up when holding it near an object or surface.

- Tertiary -


- Lightness -

Lightness is the reversed stat of weight found in the game files, and determines how heavy a weapon is in grams. The heavier a weapon is, the more it reduces your stamina stat.

- Tertiary -


- Durability -

Durability is how much health an item has. As the Hit Points(hp) of an item declines, so to does its quality level until it becomes ruined and useless. Lower quality levels can in some cases make items perform worse. You can restore the Hit Points / Durability / Quality Levels of most items with various repair tools in DayZ.

- Tertiary -


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