New DayZ 1.20's Movement Nerfs: Looting just got harder in DayZ

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DayZ Video | Posted 1 year ago

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In this video, we'll look at DayZ 1.20's new weight-based movement mechanics. We'll demonstrate how carrying more supplies implies slower mobility, how being wet may quadruple your character's weight, and how greater weapon swing has a significant influence on gameplay. The key to avoiding these penalties is to keep your stamina at its peak, which is made more difficult by the patch's wetness penalties. We will also look at strategies to lessen these penalties by emphasizing water-resistant clothing and finding ways to dry wet objects. Learn how to adapt to the new dynamics and survive in DayZ 1.20 by tuning in. Best gear to stay warm: https://youtu.be/hAV7QekED7g How to survive the cold: https://youtu.be/_9zXAJ0cOcM

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