How DayZ 1.21 Transformed Jumping Out of Vehicles

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BEWARE: Jumping from vehicles now inflicts health damage and can kill our characters.

DayZ Video | Updated 1 year ago

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In the previous version, jumping out of a vehicle at just 30 kilometers per hour meant instant death. Even at a slow 15 km/h, you would be knocked out for a painful 50 seconds. However, in the 1.21 update, things have drastically changed. Now, jumping out of a vehicle at 30 km/h doesn't really do much to you. And believe it or not, you can jump out of a vehicle at a staggering 170 km/h without any clothes and survive with just a small bleed. This means we can jump and gun out of vehicles, and survive glitching/laggy vehicles easier.

DayZ 1.21 Fall Damage changes: https://youtu.be/2XaS-FC8usA

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