Medieval Knight Armor Guide for DayZ 1.21

Medieval Knight Armor Guide for DayZ 1.21

DayZ 1.21 is here, and with it comes the new knight armor. This armor is the best in the game for protecting players from melee weapons, infected, bullets, crossbow bolts, and even explosives. There are six new pieces of medieval gear in DayZ 1.21, of which five of these pieces protect you from melee, ballistic, and explosive damage. They are the Chainmail Top, Chainmail Leggings, Chainmail Coif, Chestplate, Medieval Boots, and Norse Helm. All six spawn at the new loot tag called the historical loot tag, which encompasses the ruined castles dotted around the map on Chernarus, but spawns in hunting locations on Livonia.

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The chainmail top is an extremely heavy piece of kit weighing 10 kilograms, but it has low absorbency, so it won't get too much heavier when wet. The chainmail top gives access to 16 slots and is a durable item for a piece of clothing. The best feature of the chainmail top is the new awesome way to repair it. If your chainmail top is below the worn quality level, you only need pliers to repair it, restoring one quality level per action and degrading the pliers slightly.

The chainmail leggings are almost identical to the chainmail top, with the only differences being that the top is 10% hotter but weighs 2 kilograms more than the leggings. The chainmail coif is the third and last piece of chainmail to be added in this patch. It can also be repaired with pliers and is the least protective of all the head slot items.

The chestplate is considered a vest slot item, so you can wear this over any top in the game, including the chainmail top. It is almost as good as the police vest and provides no slots but does give you a hotbar slot bonus of 1. One of the unique features of the chestplate is how you can repair it up to the worn quality level with a blowtorch, using a very small amount of gas in the process.

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The medieval boots are heavy compared to other shoes in the game, have roughly the same durability value, and are super rare compared to regular boots. The most similar footwear to these is probably wellies, but medieval boots are slightly better and can be repaired with a leather sewing kit too. However, medieval boots do not provide protection bonuses for characters.

The Norse helm is the second new head slot item this patch, and the second medieval themed helm in DayZ after the great helm. The norse helm will only spawn on Livonia in hunting locations, so this helmet is not available on any other map for now. It has no heat insulation and is very heavy for a helmet. The Norse helm and Great helm can both be repaired using the blowtorch as of 1.21.

Overall, the new knight armor in DayZ 1.21 is an excellent addition to the game. Players have access to the best armor in the game for protecting them from melee and infected attacks using this armor. The chainmail top and chainmail leggings make for the best armor pieces that can fit into the the chest slot and leg slot of our characters, making them must-have items of armor if you want to be fully geared in DayZ.

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