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DayZ Sub Machine Gun Category

Sub machine guns are inferior to assault rifles but better than most pistols. They're the middle-ground between fast rate of fire and small size.

- Bizon -


The Bizon is modeled after the AK var...

- CR 61 Skorpion -

CR 61 Skorpion

The Skorpion is one of the easier wea...

- SG5 K -


Otherwise known as the MP5 K, this we...

- USG 45 -

USG 45

Otherwise known as the UMP 45, the US...


About DayZ Weapons

Weapons in DayZ can be split into 6 weapon categories that are as follows: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Rifles and Pistols.

DayZ weapons have a lot of stats that impact how a weapon will react to different situations. These stats can be changed slightly or drastically by attaching attachments to your weapons in DayZ.

With most weapons allowing attachments in DayZ, you can customise how your weapon performs in-game. However, most weapon attachments don't do much to improve your weapon.



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