5 Ways to Stay Stealthy in DayZ

5 Ways to Stay Stealthy in DayZ

DayZ isn't always a walk in the park when it comes to remaining stealthy. Making sure you're stealthy is essential if you want to keep yourself safe from danger and is often times the best way to deal with combat in a game like DayZ. To help you stay stealth then, here are 5 tips for stealthy play:

5 ways to stay stealthy in dayz

1. Move slowly and carefully: Cautiousness is of paramount importance; the slightest sound may bring unwanted attention. Thus, take your steps slowly, deliberately, and quietly, making sure to quell any impulse to jump or sprint. Refrain from generating any loud sounds, for that could easily bring about a precarious situation. As always, be mindful of your surroundings and remain vigilant.

2. Wear the right clothing: No matter where you are, it's important to dress the part. Whether it's a military uniform, or something more subtle like civilian clothing, it's important to choose clothing items that blend in with the surroundings. Doing so can help keep you safe, and also provide a sense of camaraderie with those around you. If you're at a formal event, dress in a suit and tie. If you're at a beach, consider wearing a t-shirt and shorts. No matter the situation, make sure your clothing is appropriate to the environment.

3. Avoid crowded locations: If you want to be safe in DayZ, you should explore less-traveled areas of your surroundings. Avoid densely crowded areas such as cities and larger towns, which can be a breeding ground for harmful conduct. Not only is it safer, but it also allows you to explore new and intriguing areas you may not have known about previously. You can find peace and quiet in the calmer, more rural areas of the different DayZ maps by ignoring the noise and bustle of the metropolis.

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4. Using the correct weapons: Melee weapons may be the undead apocalypse's unsung heroes, giving an effective and covert means to dispatch the undead using stealth kills. When seeking to avoid detection in DayZ, a suppressed gun is the best option though. You can rapidly dispatch a zombie with a devastating attack without alerting the rest of the horde(in most cases). Using various weapons, you can easily deal with infected face-to-face, but against other players, it's highly recommended you use a gun as they could have one too. However, only kill when you need to, as it will almost certainly bring unwanted attention to your location.

5. Monitor your surroundings: Be aware of your environment - don't be caught off guard! Scan the area for any warning signs of danger, like suspicious ground objects, vehicles or noises. Stay mindful and alert to any potential risks when overlooking a town or hotspot location. Make sure to trust your gut if something feels off and get out of there as soon as possible. If you have no choice even when your feelings tell you to run, it's important to be prepared for any situation that could arise and plan an escape route that provides cover.

By using these five, you can increase your chances of remaining stealthy and surviving in DayZ a little bit better.

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