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Military Loot Tag on Livonia

Military Loot Area Military loot locations are dotted around the map and include the green tents and containers seen in the image, military buildings and hangers. Military infected can have military loot too.


There are 271 items that are assigned the Military loot tag on Livonia:
ACOG Optic(ATOG) ACOG Optic(ATOG) 6x AK74 AK74 Handguard AK74 Wood Buttstock AKS74 U AKS74 U Buttstock AK Bayonet AK Folding(Lightweight)Buttstock AK Plastic(Polymer)Buttstock AK Plastic(Polymer)Handguard AK Rail Handguard AK Wood Buttstock AK Wood Handguard ASVAL Alice Bag(Field Backpack) Black Alice Bag(Field Backpack) Camo Alice Bag(Field Backpack) Green Ammo Box Ammo Box 308 Win Tracer 20 Rnd Ammo Box 45 ACP 25rnd Ammo Box 545x39 Tracer 20 Rnd Ammo Box 545x39 20 Rnd Ammo Box 556x45 20 Rnd Ammo Box 762x39 Tracer 20 Rnd Ammo Box 762x39 20 Rnd Ammo Box 762x54 Tracer 20 Rnd Ammo Box 762x54 20 Rnd Ammo Box 9x19(9mm) 25rnd Ammo Box 9x39 AP 20 Rnd Ammo Box 9x39 20 Rnd Ammo 308 Win Tracer Ammo 40mm Explosive Ammo 40mm Smoke Black Ammo 40mm Smoke Green Ammo 40mm Smoke Red Ammo 40mm Smoke White Ammo 45 ACP Ammo 545x39 Ammo 545x39 Tracer Ammo 556x45 Ammo 556x45 Tracer Ammo 762x39 Tracer Ammo 762x54 Tracer Ammo 9x39 Ammo 9x39 AP Ammo Flare Ammo Flare Blue Ammo Flare Green Ammo Flare Red Army Pouch Black Army Pouch Camo Assault Bag Black Assault Bag Green Assault Bag Ttsko Aviator Glasses BDU Jacket BDU Pants BUIS Optic Balaclava 3 Holes Beige Balaclava 3 Holes Black Balaclava 3 Holes Green Balaclava Mask Blackskull Balaclava Mask Green Ballistic Helmet BDU(Camo) Ballistic Helmet Black Ballistic Helmet Desert(Camo) Ballistic Helmet Green Ballistic Helmet UN Ballistic Helmet Woodland(Camo) Base Radio(Transceiver) Binoculars Bomber Jacket Olive Boonie Hat DPM Boonie Hat Dubok Boonie Hat Flecktran Boonie Hat Navy Blue Camo Net Canteen Claymore Mine Colt 1911(Kolt) Combat Boots Beige Combat Boots Black Combat Boots Brown Combat Boots Green Combat Boots Grey Combat Knife Compass Coyote Bag(Tactical Backpack) Brown Coyote Bag(Tactical Backpack) Green Duffel Bag Small Camo Duffel Bag Small Medical Engraved 1911(Kolt) FAL(LAR) FAMAS(LE MAS) FNP45 MRDSOptic(Mini Sights) FNX45(FX) Fal Folding(Lightweight)Buttstock(LAR) Fal OE Buttstock(LAR) Field Shovel Flaregun Flash Grenade GP5 Gas Mask Gas Mask(Combat) Ghillie Att(Ghillie Weapon Wrap) Woodland Ghillie Bushrag Woodland Ghillie Hood Woodland Ghillie Suit Woodland Ghillie Top Woodland Gorka EJacket(Patrol Jacket) Autumn Gorka EJacket(Patrol Jacket) Flat Gorka EJacket(Patrol Jacket) Paut Rev Gorka EJacket(Patrol Jacket) Summer Gorka Helmet(Assault Helmet) Gorka Helmet(Assault Helmet) Visor Gorka Pants(Patrol Pants) Autumn Gorka Pants(Patrol Pants) Flat Gorka Pants(Patrol Pants) Paut Rev Gorka Pants(Patrol Pants) Summer High Capacity(Tactical) Vest Black High Capacity(Tactical) Vest Olive Jungle Boots Beige Jungle Boots Black Jungle Boots Brown Jungle Boots Green Jungle Boots Olive Kashtan Optic(P1-87-L) Kobra Optic(Kobra Sights) Land Mine Trap Large Tent M16 A2 M18 Smoke Grenade(1-M8) Green M18 Smoke Grenade(1-M8) Purple M18 Smoke Grenade(1-M8) Red M18 Smoke Grenade(1-M8) White M18 Smoke Grenade(1-M8) Yellow M4 CQB Buttstock M4 Carry Handle Optic M4 MP Buttstock M4 MP Handguard M4 OE Buttstock(Telescopic) M4 Plastic(Polymer)Handguard M4 RIS Handguard(Rail) M4 T3 NRDS Optic(RVN Sights) M65 Jacket Black M65 Jacket Khaki M65 Jacket Olive M65 Jacket Tan M67 Grenade(American) M68 Optic(Combat Sights) M79(Grenade Launcher) M9 A1 Bayonet(M4 Bayonet) MP5(SG5-K) K MP5(SG5-K) Compensator MP5(SG5-K) Plastic(Polymer)Handguard MP5(SG5-K) Rail Handguard MP5(SG5-K) k Stock Buttstock Mag 1911 7 Rnd Mag AK101 30 Rnd Mag AK74 30 Rnd Mag AKM 30 Rnd Mag AKM Drum 75 Rnd Mag AKM Palm 30 Rnd Mag Aug 30 Rnd Mag CMAG 10 Rnd Mag CMAG 20 Rnd Mag CMAG 30 Rnd Mag FAL 20 Rnd(LAR) Mag FAMAS(LE MAS) 25 Rnd Mag FNX45(FX) 15 Rnd Mag M14 10 Rnd(DMR) Mag M14 20 Rnd(DMR) Mag MP5(SG5-K) 15 Rnd Mag MP5(SG5-K) 30 Rnd Mag P1 8 Rnd Mag PP19(Bizon) 64 Rnd Mag STANAG 30 Rnd Mag STANAG 60 Rnd Mag SV98 10 Rnd(VS89) Mag SVD(VSD) 10 Rnd Mag Saiga(Vaiga) 5 Rnd Mag Saiga(Vaiga) 8 Rnd Mag Saiga(Vaiga) Drum20 Rnd Mag UMP 25 Rnd(USG) Mag VAL 20 Rnd Mag VSS 10 Rnd Mag Vikhr 30 Rnd Megaphone Military Belt Military Beret CDF Military Beret Ch DKZ Military Beret NZ Military Beret Red Military Beret UN Military Boots(Assault Boots) Beige Military Boots(Assault Boots) Black Military Boots(Assault Boots) Brown Mosin Bayonet NVG Headstrap(Night Vision) NV Goggles(Night Vision) OKZKCap Beige OKZKCap Green OMNO Gloves(Combat) Brown OMNO Gloves(Combat) Gray Officer Hat Humvee Door 1 1 Rust Humvee Door 1 2 Rust Humvee Door 2 1 Rust Humvee Door 2 2 Rust Humvee Trunk Rust Humvee Wheel P1(Pistol) PP19(Bizon) PP19(Bizon) Buttstock PSO11 Optic PSO1 Optic PU Scope Optic Personal Radio Pilotka Cap Pistol Suppressor Plate Carrier Holster Plate Carrier Pouches Plate Carrier Vest RDG2 Smoke Grenade Black RDG2 Smoke Grenade White RGD5 Grenade(Russian) Rangefinder Reflex Optic(Baraka Sights) Roadflare SKS(SK 5966) SKS Bayonet(SK 5966) SV98(VS89) Saiga(Vaiga) Saiga(Vaiga) Buttstock Smersh Bag(Utility Buttpack) Smersh Vest(Assault Vest) Ssh68 Helmet(Combat Helmet) Sweater Green TLR Light(Pistol Light) TTSKO Boots TTSKO Pants TTSKO Jacket Camo Tactical Bacon Can Tactical Gloves Beige Tactical Gloves Black Tactical Gloves Green Tactical Goggles Tactical Shirt Black Tactical Shirt Grey Tactical Shirt Olive Tactical Shirt Tan Tanker Helmet Tortilla Bag(Combat Backpack) UK Assault(Field Vest) Vest Black UK Assault(Field Vest) Vest Camo UK Assault(Field Vest) Vest Khaki UK Assault(Field Vest) Vest Olive UMP45(USG) USMC Jacket Desert USMC Jacket Woodland USMC Pants Desert USMC Pants Woodland Universal Light VSS Vikhr Weapon Cleaning Kit Winter Coif Skull Wool Gloves Fingerless Green Wool Gloves Green ZSh3 Pilot Helmet(Flight Helmet) M14(DMR)
- All 271 Shown -

Livonia Military Loot Map

livonia Loot Map Military Loot Map Loot Location Names

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About DayZ Loot

Where loot in DayZ spawns is a mysterious topic that has left many players searching the wrong locations for gear. The DayZ Loot Finder Tool was developed to help players find all types of loot in DayZ, and help new and old players learn more about where loot spawns and how the spawning of loot works.

To find the loot you are looking for, simply type any DayZ item in the search box above where it asks you to type a loot name.

Try a variety of possible item names to find your desired loot as there can be various names for a certain piece of loot and names can change over time. However, you can also search by Category(Weapons, Clothes, Tools, etc) and by Loot Tag(Military, Industrial, Hunting, etc) to narrow results a bit.

When you have found the loot you are searching for, click its loot name and you will be shown all of the related information about that piece of loot and shown a loot map of where the item spawns with its spawn points highlighted in yellow.

This tool was scripted and styled by WOBO, with guidance from u/helpthedeadwalk and u/Sagpanda. DaOne later improved this tool by increasing the accuracy of map loot locations.

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- Explanations -
The category the selected item is in. There are very few loot categories encompassing all loot in DayZ. Some of these loot categories include Weapons, Clothes, Tools and Explosives. Only one loot category is on each piece of loot in DayZ.
[Rarity Score]:
A score relative to the easiest piece of loot to aquire and the selected piece of loot to aquire. Score goes from 0 to 100(the lower the rarer). An average of all loot in DayZ is then used to give the loot a rank(Extremely Rare, Rare, Slightly Rare, Uncommon, Average, Common, Very Common and Extremely Common). This scoring system should only be used to quickly assess the rarity of an item, and may not always be accurate.
[Maximum Per Server]:
The maximum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Minimum Per Server]:
The minimum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Loot Location]:
The Loot Tags that are assigned to the current piece of loot. Loot Tags are assigned to buildings/structures, these are highlighted in yellow on the loot map above.
Some loot is restricted to certain areas or tiers. This can reduce the number of spawn points the selected item can spawn at and/or limit the loot to certain areas. The higher the tier, the rare the loot tends to be. However, some restrictions don't include tiers, such as limiting spawns to heli crash sites, dynamic trains and unique areas.
How long after spawning the piece of loot will disappear. Picking up and/or interacting the piece of loot will reset this timer. Raised Flag Poles can be used to reset these times too.
[Loot Map]:
The Loot Map displays the locations the selected item spawns in yellow. This is based on the Loot Tags assigned to that item and any Restrictions that item may have. Loot Maps for Loot Tags are manually created and may not always be accuracte or complete.
[Search Box]:
The search box searches the database live for items that match your query, but it also tries to match the category and loot tags of items too. For example, "weapons" shows all items with the "Weapons" category tag in DayZ, while "military" shows all items with the "Military" loot location in DayZ.



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