PSO 1 Optic Attachment Info for DayZ

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  PSO 1 Optic  

PSO 1 Optic
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PSO 1 Optic

Other DayZ Optics like the PSO 1 Optic

1PN51 Optic

Otherwise known as the Kazuar Optic, the 1PN51 Optic is a heavy attachment that requires a battery to operate. Using this optic in the day isn't recommended. The 1PN51 Scope is a great optic in the vast arsenal of the DayZ universe, and is the ultimate attachment for players seeking to reign supreme in the darkest of nights. With its night vision capabilities, the scope provides unparalleled visibility in low-light conditions, allowing players to spot enemies lurking in the shadows with ease. But, like any great tool, this gadget is not easily obtained. It is a rare find, hidden only in the most dangerous and treacherous military locations. And once acquired, it requires a steady supply of batteries to keep it running smoothly. Nevertheless, it remains a highly coveted item among DayZ players seeking an advantage in nighttime gameplay. With the 1PN51 Scope in your hands, the darkness is no match for your ability to see in it.

ATOG Optic

Very similar to the ACOG x6 Optic, but is x4 zoom instead. The ATOG 4x32 Scope gives you the power to take down targets with enhanced accuracy from long distances. Perfect for scouting and recon, this weapon attachment is designed to equip to the NATO weapons found in DayZ, amplifying your aim with a 4x magnification scope that provides a clear view of your target.

ATOG Optic x6

Attaching to NATO rail weapons(M4A1, LAR, USG, etc), the x6 zoom ATOG(ACOG) is currently a great choice for sniping with said weapons for its x6 magnification and 800m zeroing distance. In addition, this attachment has Baraka(Reflex) Sights built as an alternative ADS. This makes the x6 ATOG one of the best optics/sights for CQB AND sniping. Even though much better than the standard x4 ATOG, it is heavier. A great optic nonetheless.

Baraka Sights

The Baraka Sights is the Nato version of Kobra Sights. As a result, this sight is great for CQB and offers good peripheral vision at medium distances. However, it doesn't improve accuracy as much as an optic does. Requires a 9V Battery to activate the red dot. The Baraka Sights is the ultimate tool for the ambitious DayZ player looking to take their shooting to the next level. This nifty attachment is the key to achieving a good accuracy stat that can separate the amateurs from the pros. With a moderate level of zoom and an enhanced field of vision, this sight empowers players to target their enemies from afar with ease.

BUIS Sights

The BUIS, or Back Up Iron Sights, only attaches to the M4A1 in the optic/sight attachment slot. This means it can't be used as an iron sight in addition to having an optic attached. BUIS are not considered to be a great sight in DayZ, but having it attached is better than having no sights at all as the back up iron sights boost stats slightly. The BUIS's sole purpose is to allow players to customize their iron sights and improve the accuracy of the M4.

Carry Handle Sights

Spawns as a standard attachment on the M4A1. The M4 carry handle is not considered to be a great sight in DayZ, but it is better than having no sights at all as this carry handle boosts stats slightly. In DayZ, the carry handle does not allow you to carry the M4A1 using a different animation, or allow you to carry the M4 with one hand like a briefcase. The carry handle's sole purpose is to allow players to customize their iron sights and improve the accuracy and zeroing range of the M4.

Hunting Optic

The Hunting Optic is one of the best Optics in DayZ for its zoom capabilities and even gives you the ability to zoom 4, 8 and 12 times WHILE looking through the optic. I would say this is the best optic for sniping due to the visual aid this optic provides. However, the PU Scope isn't far behind. The Hunting Scope is the perfect companion for DayZ players who want to up their sniping game. This optical attachment can be attached to firearms to improve accuracy and magnification, ensuring that long-range targets are hit with deadly precision. The Hunting Scope runs on good old-fashioned mechanical power, meaning that you can focus on the hunt and not on keeping your gear running with batteries. It's the go-to choice for those who like to play the game in a more calculated and tactical way.

Kobra Sights

The Kobra Sights is the Russian version of Baraka/Reflex Sights. As a result, this sight is great for CQB and offers good peripheral vision at medium distances. However, it doesn't improve accuracy as much as an optic does. Requires a 9V Battery to activate the red dot. The Kobra Sight is the savvy survivor's solution to pin-point precision shooting. An optical attachment, it is a red dot sight that can be seamlessly affixed to the soviet type of firearms, thereby elevating their accuracy and honing the aim of the shooter. The Kobra Sight's unconventional design facilitates a speedy target acquisition, with an expansive field of view. And yet, like all technology, it has a battery-dependent existence and can be sourced from civilian areas.

Mini Sights

If you're looking to increase your accuracy, and acquire targets faster - Mini Sights are great for weapons that allow these sights as an attachment. These small optical sights have a red dot reticle, and is mounted on the rail of your weapon and gives you a huge advantage over relying on the standard iron sights. Not only do they give an accuracy boost, they make it much easier to spot and hit your target. A sight for pistols and the MP133/BK133 pump action shotgun.

NV PVS4 Scope

Otherwise known as the Starlight Optic, the NV-PVS4 Scope is a heavy attachment that requires a battery to operate. Using this optic in the day isn't recommended. The NV-PVS4 Scope, or the Starlight Night-vision Optic, is a fantastic piece of equipment not seen often in DayZ. It's perfect to use with a Rifle and provides remarkable accuracy and visibility in dark areas. You can also customize the brightness of the reticle and the 4x magnification will make you prepared for anything that comes your way. If you're going into any shadowy places in DayZ, this is definitely the Optics to choose!

P1 87 Optic

Otherwise known as the Kashtan Optic or Kashtan Sights, this is an optic for medium range combat for Russian weapons. Other Optics for Russian variant weapons are usually a better choice over the Kashtan. The P1-87-L Scope, a DayZ game changer, is the best Rifle accessory for anybody looking for pinpoint precision. This device is a must-have for individuals hoping to get an advantage over their opponents from a distance, thanks to its strong zoom and greater field of view. But be warned: this device runs on battery power, so stock up on 9v batteries if you want to keep ahead of the game. Only the most adventurous and intrepid players will journey into dangerous zones in order to obtain one of these game-changing scopes. Yet, once obtained, it quickly becomes a popular and sought-after item, wanted by sharpshooters looking to refine their abilities and stay at the top of their game.

Pistol Optic

The Pistol Optic looks a lot like the Hunting Optic and has a similar reticle too. However, the Pistol Optic only has 1.8 times zoom, where the Hunting Optic has up to 12 times zoom. This pistol optic makes acquiring and shooting targets at range much easier than the stand iron sights on a weapon.

PSO 1 1 Optic

The PSO1-1 is one of the best Optics for weapons that can attach it, which is mostly Russian weapons. It has good zoom and good zeroing, making it great at medium to long distance shooting. The PSO1 is very similar, but has a different reticle. The PSO-1 Scope is a formidable addition to the arsenal of any DayZ player, and is the embodiment of pinpoint accuracy. With its high-powered magnification and range finder, it has revolutionized the sniping game, allowing you to take out enemies from a distance with ease. But this coveted piece of equipment requires a steady supply of batteries to keep it operational, and only the most fearless players dare to risk their lives and venture into the military zones to loot one. The scope is a favorite among DayZ players who want to take their sniping abilities to the next level and become unstoppable at range.

PU Scope

The PU Scope is a favorite for its very long distance zeroing distance up to a distant 1300 meters, and comes with 3.5x zoom. Preferred with the Mosin, Sawn Mosin and SKS. In DayZ, the PU Scope is a must-have for any survivor looking to extend their zeroing distance and increase their accuracy. It's a unique optical device with a 4x magnification. Players can use it to pick off targets from very far away, and it's even compatible with some sawed off firearms. It's a valuable optic that can be found scattered across the map, allowing any survivor to improve their accuracy and range in combat with the PU Scope optical attachment.

RVN Sights

RVN Sights are a good optic attachment and advantageous weapon attachment to find, perfect for increasing the accuracy and range of NATO Rifles in DayZ. Not only do these handy sights provide a zoomed-in view, but they can also be used to extend zeroing distance for better target acquisition.


DayZ Weapon Optics


About DayZ Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments in DayZ can also impact weapon stats significantly, adding an element of customisation when selecting your weapon loadout.

DayZ Attachments vary a lot, but can be categorised into 6 different weapon attachment categories. These include Optics/Sights, Muzzles, Buttstocks, Handguards, Other and Magazines.

A single DayZ Weapon Attachment won't make much of a difference to your weapon unless it's an optic for improving weapon zeroing, or a muzzle for reducing your weapon sound.

Devices that can be attached to a firearm to improve its performance or increase its versatility are known as firearm attachments. A few examples of typical firearm attachments are:

Sights: These accessories, which can be attached to a gun's top or side, assist accuracy by giving the shooter a more accurate means to aim at the target. Iron sights, red dot sights, holographic sights, and scope are just a few examples of the various types of sights.

Scopes: When shooting from a distance, these accessories magnify the target and improve accuracy. Variable, fixed, and night vision scopes are just a few examples of the various types of scopes.

Silencers: These add-ons are used to lessen the sound that a gun makes when it fires. They function by capturing and delaying the expanding gases that are generated when the firearm is shot, which lessens the deafening noise.

Flashlights: The shooter can see better in poor light thanks to this addition. They can be fixed to the weapon itself or to a different rail.

Laser Sights: These add-ons are used to aid the shooter in aiming at the target. A laser beam that they direct at the target can be used to aim even in dim lighting.

Bipods: When shooting from a prone or seated position, a bipod is utilized to create a sturdy platform for the rifle.

Grips: These add-ons are designed to increase accuracy and control by giving the user a better grip on the gun.

Buttstocks: These add-ons are meant to make the shooter more comfortable, which can enhance accuracy and control.

Each of these attachments has unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. For instance, scopes offer magnification but can be cumbersome and heavy; silencers reduce noise but may be prohibited in some places; and a flashlight can be useful in poor light but may also reveal the location of the shooter.

In general, the type of firearm, the intended application, and the shooter's preferences will all influence the attachment decision. There are accessories that can be used for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

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