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Kobra SightsKobra Sights Vs ATOG OpticATOG Optic

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Kobra SightsKobra Sights Vs ATOG OpticATOG Optic

Attachment Scores Explained

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Stat Scores:
The average percentage of all stats found in either the primary, secondary or tertiary tiers on the attachment being compared.

Overall Attachment Score:
The average percentage of all stats found in ALL of the primary, secondary AND tertiary tiers combined with contribution multipliers considered:
- Primary contributions are 100% of the average primary stat value on the attachment.
- Secondary contributions are 25% of the average secondary stat value on the attachment.
- Tertiary contributions are 5% of the average tertiary stat value on the attachment.
With contribution multipliers applied, the total average of the tiers is then divided by the the total of the contribution multipliers.
As you can see above, the total is 130%(1.3), giving us the Overall Attachment Score.


About DayZ Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments in DayZ can also impact weapon stats significantly, adding an element of customisation when selecting your weapon loadout.

DayZ Attachments vary a lot, but can be categorised into 6 different weapon attachment categories. These include Optics/Sights, Muzzles, Buttstocks, Handguards, Other and Magazines.

A single DayZ Weapon Attachment won't make much of a difference to your weapon unless it's an optic for improving weapon zeroing, or a muzzle for reducing your weapon sound.

Devices that can be attached to a firearm to improve its performance or increase its versatility are known as firearm attachments. A few examples of typical firearm attachments are:

Sights: These accessories, which can be attached to a gun's top or side, assist accuracy by giving the shooter a more accurate means to aim at the target. Iron sights, red dot sights, holographic sights, and scope are just a few examples of the various types of sights.

Scopes: When shooting from a distance, these accessories magnify the target and improve accuracy. Variable, fixed, and night vision scopes are just a few examples of the various types of scopes.

Silencers: These add-ons are used to lessen the sound that a gun makes when it fires. They function by capturing and delaying the expanding gases that are generated when the firearm is shot, which lessens the deafening noise.

Flashlights: The shooter can see better in poor light thanks to this addition. They can be fixed to the weapon itself or to a different rail.

Laser Sights: These add-ons are used to aid the shooter in aiming at the target. A laser beam that they direct at the target can be used to aim even in dim lighting.

Bipods: When shooting from a prone or seated position, a bipod is utilized to create a sturdy platform for the rifle.

Grips: These add-ons are designed to increase accuracy and control by giving the user a better grip on the gun.

Buttstocks: These add-ons are meant to make the shooter more comfortable, which can enhance accuracy and control.

Each of these attachments has unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. For instance, scopes offer magnification but can be cumbersome and heavy; silencers reduce noise but may be prohibited in some places; and a flashlight can be useful in poor light but may also reveal the location of the shooter.

In general, the type of firearm, the intended application, and the shooter's preferences will all influence the attachment decision. There are accessories that can be used for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

Attachment Comparison Tool Description: Quickly compare the stats of up to four attachments side-by-side

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