The M79 Launcher Gas has been added to the DayZ Weapon Database

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The M79 Launcher Gas has been added to the DayZ Weapon Database

The M79 Launcher Gas has been added to the DayZ Weapon Database
The break action M79 Grenade Launcher that fires 40mm Chemical Gas Grenade Rounds. The Chemical Gas Round detonates on impact with any surface in DayZ and does not have a minimum safe distance. Once detonated, gas will emit in a small area around where the gas round hit. This gas will remain for a short amount of time and give players the deadly gas poisoning disease if they remain in the gas. However, because AI cannot get gas poisoning, it will drain their health slowly until they die instead. All projectiles fired from the M79 Grenade Launcher inflict damage similar to other weapons of DayZ and also drop off in damage like them too. Moreover, all 40mm Grenade Road types behave like bullets while in flight like any other firearm in DayZ.
-Learn more about the M79 Chemical Gas

Monday 30th May 2022

Posted 1 year ago

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