News from Asmondian:
DayZtips have arrived at wobo.tools! I hope you find them useful and follow the website for new tips for the latest version of the game.

More Miscellaneous Infographics



This is a compilation of the #DayZTips series, updated and reworked for 1.13 PC Stable Build. The main intention behind them is to help new players along their learning curve with the game.

Special thanks to Wobo, Skigoggles (AKA Helpthedeadwalk) and Raxto for helping with this guides, the support and diffusion of these Tips. Feel free to use, share and/or translate any of the images. Contact me via twitter (AsmondianA) /reddit (Asmondian) /steam (Asmondian) to get the PSDs if you need it. The only condition is to not monetize this content. This belongs to the DayZ Community.

The Asmondian's Infographics page is managed by Asmondian. Please direct any queries you have regarding these infographics to him. If you find a bug, please report it to WOBO. Thank you for visiting!


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