Base Initial Speed Stat Explained

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Base Initial Speed

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Stat Name:

Base Initial Speed


Ammo Stats


Base Initial Speed is used in the calculation of determining muzzle velocity. The higher the Base Initial Speed, the faster the ammo type will travel.


Secondary: Secondary stats impact the performance of items indirectly. This makes them less useful than primary stats, but desirable nonetheless in improving performance


This stat is not reversed. If the stat number increases, so to does the stat bars found around this website


545x39 Rounds at 880 Base Initial Speed


12 Gauge Rubber Slugs at 60 Base Initial Speed


Meters Per Second

Related Ammo Stats

Primary Stats

- Base Health Damage -

The Base Health Damage an ammo type has at point-blank range to the chest of an unarmored player. It's called "Base" Health Damage because this stat is used to calculate the health damage of a weapon. 100 health damage is required to kill a player.

- Primary -


- Base Shock Damage -

The Base Shock Damage an ammo type has at point-blank range to the chest of an unarmored player. It's called "Base" Shock Damage because this stat is used to calculate the shock damage of a weapon. 75 shock damage is required to make a player go unconscious.

- Primary -


- Max Uncon Time -

Max Uncon Time is a stat that displays the maximum amount of time a player will go unconscious if you make them go unconscious with that ammo type in seconds. Tip: The minimum time they will be unconscious is exactly half that of the Max Uncon Time stat.

- Primary -


Secondary Stats

- Aerodynamics -

Aerodynamics is a reversed stat of Air Friction, which is found in the game files. Air Friction slows down a bullet over time. The more Aerodynamics an ammo type has, the less it gets slowed down while in flight.

- Secondary -


Tertiary Stats

- Deflection Chance -

Deflection Chance is a game file stat for determining the rough angle an ammo type will deflect off a surface. This stat is reversed because it can interfere with penetrating surfaces to kill players. Deflecting to kill a player is not recommended.

- Tertiary -


- Durability Preservation -

Durability Preservation is a reversed stat that comes from the Barrel Damage stat in the game files, which determines how much damage an ammo type does to a weapon each time it shoots. The better the Durability Preservation stat, the less it will drain the durability/health of a weapon. More research is required to understand this stat.

- Tertiary -


- Lightness -

Lightness is the reversed stat of weight found in the game files, and determines how heavy an ammo type is in grams. The heavier an ammo type is, the more it reduces your stamina stat.

- Tertiary -


- Durability -

Durability is how much health an item has. As the Hit Points(hp) of an item declines, so to does its quality level until it becomes ruined and useless. Lower quality levels can in some cases make items perform worse. You can restore the Hit Points / Durability / Quality Levels of most items with various repair tools in DayZ.

- Tertiary -


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The weird and wonderful world of game statistics is a complex one that has taken years of research to understand and apply to the tools on this website. With that said, some stats may not translate exactly from this website to the game; take these stats with a grain of salt.

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