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DayZ Rifle Category

Halfway to a sniper rifle, but better than a melee weapon. Rifles are a good mid-game weapon that you replace quickly when you get to military areas.

- BK 18 -

BK 18

Otherwise known as the Izh 18, the BK...

- Repeater -


Otherwise known as the Winchester Rif...

- Sawed off BK 18 -

Sawed off BK 18

Otherwise known as the Sawed off Izh...

- SK 5966 -

SK 5966

Otherwise known as the SKS, the SK 59...

- Sporter 22 -

Sporter 22

Has a bad reputation as being one of ...


About DayZ Weapons

Weapons in DayZ can be split into 6 weapon categories that are as follows: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Rifles and Pistols.

DayZ weapons have a lot of stats that impact how a weapon will react to different situations. These stats can be changed slightly or drastically by attaching attachments to your weapons in DayZ.

With most weapons allowing attachments in DayZ, you can customise how your weapon performs in-game. However, most weapon attachments don't do much to improve your weapon.



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