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Village Loot Tag on Livonia

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Village Loot Area The Village loot tag is for the smaller towns in DayZ like Myshkino and Vavilovo. This loot tag is very similar to the Town loot tag when it comes to which items spawn here.


There are 342 items that are assigned the Village loot tag on Livonia:
Alarm Clock Blue Alarm Clock Green Alarm Clock Red Ammo Box 22 50 Rnd Ammo Box 357 20 Rnd Ammo 12ga Pellets Ammo 12ga Slug Ammo 22 Ammo 308 Win Ammo 380 Ammo 762x39 Ammo 762x54 Ammo 9x19(9mm) Athletic Shoes Black Athletic Shoes Blue Athletic Shoes Brown Athletic Shoes Green Athletic Shoes Grey Baked Beans Can Balaclava 3 Holes Beige Balaclava 3 Holes Black Balaclava 3 Holes Blue Balaclava 3 Holes Green Balaclava Mask Beige Balaclava Mask Black Balaclava Mask Blue Balaclava Mask Pink Balaclava Mask White Bandana Black Pattern Bandana Camo Pattern Bandana Green Pattern Bandana Polka Pattern Bandana Red Pattern Baseball Bat Baseball Cap Beige Baseball Cap Black Baseball Cap Blue Baseball Cap CMMG Black Baseball Cap CMMG Pink Baseball Cap Olive Baseball Cap Pink Baseball Cap Red Battery 9 Volts(Small) Beanie Hat Beige Beanie Hat Black Beanie Hat Blue Beanie Hat Brown Beanie Hat Green Beanie Hat Grey Beanie Hat Pink Beanie Hat Red Bear Beige Bear Dark Bear Pink Bear White Bomber Jacket Black Bomber Jacket Blue Bomber Jacket Brown Bomber Jacket Grey Bomber Jacket Maroon Bomber Jacket Sky Blue Boonie Hat Black Boonie Hat Blue Boonie Hat Olive Boonie Hat Orange Boonie Hat Red Boonie Hat Tan Box Cereal Crunchin Brass Knuckles Dull Brass Knuckles Shiny Breeches Beet Check Breeches Beige Breeches Black Breeches Black Check Breeches Blue Breeches Brown Check Breeches Green Breeches Pink Breeches Red Breeches White Brisket Spread Broom CZ527(CR527) CZ75 Can Opener Canvas Bag Olive Canvas Pants Midi Beige Canvas Pants Midi Blue Canvas Pants Midi Grey Canvas Pants Midi Red Canvas Pants Midi Violet Canvas Pants Beige Canvas Pants Blue Canvas Pants Grey Canvas Pants Red Canvas Pants Violet Cat Food Can Chemlight Blue Chemlight Green Chemlight Red Chemlight White Chemlight Yellow Map(Map for Livonia) Chernarus Sport Shirt Child Bag Blue Child Bag Green Child Bag Red Chips Civilian Belt Cleaver Cowboy Hat Brown Cowboy Hat Black Cowboy Hat Dark Brown Cowboy Hat Green Crackers Dark Moto Helmet Black Dark Moto Helmet Blue Dark Moto Helmet Green Dark Moto Helmet Grey Dark Moto Helmet Lime Dark Moto Helmet Red Dark Moto Helmet White Dark Moto Helmet Yellow Designer Glasses Dirt Bike Helmet Black Dirt Bike Helmet Blue Dirt Bike Helmet Chernarus Dirt Bike Helmet Green Dirt Bike Helmet Khaki Dirt Bike Helmet Mouthguard Dirt Bike Helmet Police Dirt Bike Helmet Red Dirt Bike Helmet Visor Disinfectant Alcohol Disinfectant Spray Dog Food Can Duct Tape Engraved 1911(Kolt) Farming Hoe Frying Pan Green Bell Pepper Hatchet Headtorch Black Headtorch Grey Hiking Boots Low Beige Hiking Boots Low Black Hiking Boots Low Blue Hiking Boots Low Grey Hiking Boots Black Hiking Boots Brown Hiking Jacket Black Hiking Jacket Blue Hiking Jacket Green Hiking Jacket Red Hip Pack Black Honey Hoodie Black Hoodie Blue Hoodie Brown Hoodie Green Hoodie Red Iodine Tincture Izh18(BK18) Izh18(BK12) Shotgun Izh43 Shotgun(BK43) Jeans Black Jeans Blue Jeans Blue Dark Jeans Brown Jeans Green Jeans Grey Jogging Shoes Black Jogging Shoes Blue Jogging Shoes Red Jogging Shoes Violet Jogging Shoes White Kitchen Knife Kitchen Timer Kukri Knife Leather Sewing Kit Lunchmeat MKII Mag CZ527(CR527) 5rnd Mag CZ75 15 Rnd Mag IJ70(Makarov) 8 Rnd Mag MKII 10 Rnd Mag P1 8 Rnd Mag Ruger1022(Sporter 22) 15 Rnd Mag Ruger1022(Sporter 22) 30 Rnd Makarov IJ70(Makarov) Marmalade Matchbox Meat Tenderizer Medium Gas Canister Medium Tent Medium Tent Green Medium Tent Orange Megaphone Mosin9130 Moto Helmet Black Moto Helmet Blue Moto Helmet Green Moto Helmet Grey Moto Helmet Lime Moto Helmet Red Moto Helmet White Moto Helmet Yellow Mountain Bag Blue Mountain Bag Green Mountain Bag Orange Mountain Bag Red Oriental Machete Orienteering Compass P1(Pistol) Padded Gloves Beige Padded Gloves Brown Pajka Party Tent Party Tent Blue Party Tent Brown Pate Peaches Can Petrol Lighter Petushok Hat Black Petushok Hat Green Petushok Hat Yellow Pliers Pork Can Pot(Cooking Pot) Potato Seed Powdered Milk Quilted Jacket Black Quilted Jacket Blue Quilted Jacket Green Quilted Jacket Grey Quilted Jacket Orange Quilted Jacket Red Quilted Jacket Violet Quilted Jacket Yellow Raincoat Green Repeater Riders Jacket Black Ruger1022(Sporter 22) Salty Sticks Sardines Can Screwdriver Sewing Kit Shirt Blue Check Shirt Blue Check Bright Shirt Green Check Shirt Plane Black Shirt Red Check Shirt White Check Short Jeans Black Short Jeans Blue Short Jeans Brown Short Jeans Darkblue Short Jeans Green Short Jeans Red Skate Helmet Black Skate Helmet Blue Skate Helmet Gray Skate Helmet Green Skate Helmet Red Small Gas Canister Sneakers Black Sneakers Gray Sneakers Green Sneakers Red Sneakers White Spaghetti Can Sport Glasses Black Sport Glasses Blue Sport Glasses Green Sport Glasses Orange Steak Knife Sweater Blue Sweater Gray Sweater Red TShirt Beige TShirt Black TShirt Blue TShirt Green TShirt Grey TShirt Orange White Stripes TShirt Red TShirt Red Black Stripes TShirt White Taloon Bag Blue Taloon Bag Green Taloon Bag Orange Taloon Bag Violet Thick Frames Glasses Thin Frames Glasses Tomato Track Suit Jacket Black Track Suit Jacket Blue Track Suit Jacket Green Track Suit Jacket Light Blue Track Suit Jacket Red Track Suit Pants Black Track Suit Pants Blue Track Suit Pants Green Track Suit Pants Light Blue Track Suit Pants Red Tuna Can Unknown Food Can Ushanka Black Ushanka Blue Ushanka Green Wellies Black Wellies Brown Wellies Green Wellies Grey Winter Coif Black Winter Coif Blue Wood Axe Wool Coat Beige Wool Coat Black Wool Coat Black Check Wool Coat Blue Wool Coat Blue Check Wool Coat Brown Check Wool Coat Green Wool Coat Grey Check Wool Coat Red Wool Coat Red Check Wool Gloves Fingerless Tan Wool Gloves Tan Working Boots Beige Working Boots Brown Working Boots Green Working Boots Grey Working Boots Yellow Wrench Zagorky Zmijovka Cap Black Zmijovka Cap Blue Zmijovka Cap Brown Zmijovka Cap Green Zmijovka Cap Red Zucchini
- All 342 Shown -

Livonia Village Loot Map

livonia Loot Map Village Loot Map Loot Location Names

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About DayZ Loot

Where loot in DayZ spawns is a mysterious topic that has left many players searching the wrong locations for gear. The DayZ Loot Finder Tool was developed to help players find all types of loot in DayZ, and help new and old players learn more about where loot spawns and how the spawning of loot works.

To find the loot you are looking for, simply type any DayZ item in the search box above where it asks you to type a loot name.

Try a variety of possible item names to find your desired loot as there can be various names for a certain piece of loot and names can change over time. However, you can also search by Category(Weapons, Clothes, Tools, etc) and by Loot Tag(Military, Industrial, Hunting, etc) to narrow results a bit.

When you have found the loot you are searching for, click its loot name and you will be shown all of the related information about that piece of loot and shown a loot map of where the item spawns with its spawn points highlighted in yellow.

This tool was scripted and styled by WOBO, with guidance from u/helpthedeadwalk and u/Sagpanda. DaOne later improved this tool by increasing the accuracy of map loot locations.

- Explanations -
The category the selected item is in. There are very few loot categories encompassing all loot in DayZ. Some of these loot categories include Weapons, Clothes, Tools and Explosives. Only one loot category is on each piece of loot in DayZ.
[Rarity Score]:
A score relative to the easiest piece of loot to aquire and the selected piece of loot to aquire. Score goes from 0 to 100(the lower the rarer). An average of all loot in DayZ is then used to give the loot a rank(Extremely Rare, Rare, Slightly Rare, Uncommon, Average, Common, Very Common and Extremely Common). This scoring system should only be used to quickly assess the rarity of an item, and may not always be accurate.
[Maximum Per Server]:
The maximum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Minimum Per Server]:
The minimum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Loot Location]:
The Loot Tags that are assigned to the current piece of loot. Loot Tags are assigned to buildings/structures, these are highlighted in yellow on the loot map above.
Some loot is restricted to certain areas or tiers. This can reduce the number of spawn points the selected item can spawn at and/or limit the loot to certain areas. The higher the tier, the rare the loot tends to be. However, some restrictions don't include tiers, such as limiting spawns to heli crash sites, dynamic trains and unique areas.
How long after spawning the piece of loot will disappear. Picking up and/or interacting the piece of loot will reset this timer. Raised Flag Poles can be used to reset these times too.
[Loot Map]:
The Loot Map displays the locations the selected item spawns in yellow. This is based on the Loot Tags assigned to that item and any Restrictions that item may have. Loot Maps for Loot Tags are manually created and may not always be accuracte or complete.
[Search Box]:
The search box searches the database live for items that match your query, but it also tries to match the category and loot tags of items too. For example, "weapons" shows all items with the "Weapons" category tag in DayZ, while "military" shows all items with the "Military" loot location in DayZ.



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