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Farm Loot Tag on Chernarus

Farm Loot Area Houses, sheds and barns that are near fields or farming areas share the Farm loot tag that commonly spawns farming equipment.


There are 103 items that are assigned the Farm loot tag on Chernarus:
Ammo 12ga Pellets Ammo 12ga Rubber Slug Ammo 12ga Slug Ammo 308 Win Ammo 357 Ammo 762x39 Ammo 762x54 Barbed Wire Barrel Blue Barrel Green Barrel Red Barrel Yellow Broom Burlap Sack CZ527(CR527) Cargo Pants Beige Cargo Pants Black Cargo Pants Blue Cargo Pants Green Cargo Pants Grey Combination Lock Combination Lock 4 Cowboy Hat Brown Cowboy Hat Black Cowboy Hat Dark Brown Cowboy Hat Green Crossbow Wood Duct Tape Fabric(Tarp) Farming Hoe Garden Lime Green Bell Pepper Hacksaw Hammer Hand Saw Hatchet Headtorch Black Headtorch Grey Honey Izh18(BK18) Izh18(BK12) Shotgun Izh43 Shotgun(BK43) Jumpsuit Pants Blue Jumpsuit Pants Green Jumpsuit Pants Grey Jumpsuit Pants Red Machete Mag CZ527(CR527) 5rnd Metal Wire Mosin Bayonet Nail Box Nylon Knife Sheath Pepper Seeds Pack Pickaxe Pipe Wrench Pitchfork Pliers Potato Seed Pumpkin Seeds Pack Radar Cap Black Radar Cap Blue Radar Cap Brown Radar Cap Green Radar Cap Red Repeater Rope Screwdriver Sea Chest Shovel(Spade) Sickle Tomato Tomato Seeds Pack Tripod(Cooking Tripod) M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 1 1 Blue Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 1 1 Green Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 1 1 Orange Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 2 1 Blue Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 2 1 Green Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Door 2 1 Orange Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Hood Blue Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Hood Green Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Hood Orange Rust M3 S(V3 S)Truck Wheel Wellies Black Wellies Brown Wellies Green Wellies Grey Whetstone(Sharpening Stone) Wood Axe Wool Gloves Fingerless White Working Boots Beige Working Boots Brown Working Boots Green Working Boots Grey Working Boots Yellow Working Gloves Beige Working Gloves Black Working Gloves Brown Working Gloves Yellow Wrench Zmijovka Cap Brown Zucchini Zucchini Seeds Pack
- All 103 Shown -

Chernarus Farm Loot Map

chernarus Loot Map Farm Loot Map Loot Location Names

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About DayZ Loot

Where loot in DayZ spawns is a mysterious topic that has left many players searching the wrong locations for gear. The DayZ Loot Finder Tool was developed to help players find all types of loot in DayZ, and help new and old players learn more about where loot spawns and how the spawning of loot works.

To find the loot you are looking for, simply type any DayZ item in the search box above where it asks you to type a loot name.

Try a variety of possible item names to find your desired loot as there can be various names for a certain piece of loot and names can change over time. However, you can also search by Category(Weapons, Clothes, Tools, etc) and by Loot Tag(Military, Industrial, Hunting, etc) to narrow results a bit.

When you have found the loot you are searching for, click its loot name and you will be shown all of the related information about that piece of loot and shown a loot map of where the item spawns with its spawn points highlighted in yellow.

This tool was scripted and styled by WOBO, with guidance from u/helpthedeadwalk and u/Sagpanda. DaOne later improved this tool by increasing the accuracy of map loot locations.

A Huge Thanks to:
The Struggle Bus Vanilla Community, CFTools Cloud, Clash Vanilla Servers, NEO-Farmers Servers, Dallas, Atlas, The Come Back(Xbox), 1 Original DayZ Servers, Sgt. Pepper's DayZ Invasion Server & FatalAttraction Vanilla Servers
for making this website possible

- Explanations -
The category the selected item is in. There are very few loot categories encompassing all loot in DayZ. Some of these loot categories include Weapons, Clothes, Tools and Explosives. Only one loot category is on each piece of loot in DayZ.
[Rarity Score]:
A score relative to the easiest piece of loot to aquire and the selected piece of loot to aquire. Score goes from 0 to 100(the lower the rarer). An average of all loot in DayZ is then used to give the loot a rank(Extremely Rare, Rare, Slightly Rare, Uncommon, Average, Common, Very Common and Extremely Common). This scoring system should only be used to quickly assess the rarity of an item, and may not always be accurate.
[Maximum Per Server]:
The maximum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Minimum Per Server]:
The minimum number of this loot found on a vanilla DayZ server(not modded).
[Loot Location]:
The Loot Tags that are assigned to the current piece of loot. Loot Tags are assigned to buildings/structures, these are highlighted in yellow on the loot map above.
Some loot is restricted to certain areas or tiers. This can reduce the number of spawn points the selected item can spawn at and/or limit the loot to certain areas. The higher the tier, the rare the loot tends to be. However, some restrictions don't include tiers, such as limiting spawns to heli crash sites, dynamic trains and unique areas.
How long after spawning the piece of loot will disappear. Picking up and/or interacting the piece of loot will reset this timer. Raised Flag Poles can be used to reset these times too.
[Loot Map]:
The Loot Map displays the locations the selected item spawns in yellow. This is based on the Loot Tags assigned to that item and any Restrictions that item may have. Loot Maps for Loot Tags are manually created and may not always be accuracte or complete.
[Search Box]:
The search box searches the database live for items that match your query, but it also tries to match the category and loot tags of items too. For example, "weapons" shows all items with the "Weapons" category tag in DayZ, while "military" shows all items with the "Military" loot location in DayZ.



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