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DayZ Damage Drop-off Tool


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Health Damage Drop-off Chart Vs No Armour

The chart below displays how health damage drops off for each of the weapons selected above in meters.
All health damage values are from hitting the chest of a player with no armour equipped.

Left-click = Mark/Unmark
Drag = Zoom
Right-click = Reset zoom

Note: 12ga Buckshot on this chart is damage per pellet. Buckshot splits into 8 pellts, so mutiply the number above by 8 for Buckshot.

This tool would not have been possible without the help of Reddit user Gews, who explained how the maths behind damage dropoff in DayZ works to WOBO. Thank you Gews!

About DayZ Damage Drop-off

A weapons Base Damage, Air Friction, Initial Speed, Typical Speed and Default Damage Override stats determine when a weapon or ammo type will drop-off in damage AND how quickly it drops off in damage.

Most weapons in DayZ are immediately impacted by damage dropping off over distance once fired. Moreover, when shooting players at a very long distance in DayZ, damage drop-off impacts weapon damage significantly.

Beyond a certain distance in DayZ, it becomes better to aim for the head of a player to inflict maximum damage and have any chance of one-shoting them with a burst of damage.



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