DayZ Sub Machine Gun Weapon Sounds

Sub machine guns are inferior to assault rifles but better than most pistols. They're the middle-ground between fast rate of fire and small size.

- CR 61 Skorpion -

CR 61 Skorpion

CR 61 Skorpion Weapon Sounds

- SG5 K -


SG5 K Weapon Sounds

- USG 45 -

USG 45

USG 45 Weapon Sounds




About DayZ Weapon Sounds

Weapon sounds in DayZ are very difficult to understand and takes a lot of practice to be remotely accurate when trying to guess DayZ weapon sounds.

The difficulty comes not only from not being familar with the sound of all weapons in DayZ, but also how gun sounds are similar or the same at different ranges.

The only true method to predicting which weapon you just heard is experience of DayZ weapon sounds(including suppressors/silencers) and knowing the rate of fire and magazine size of the weapon too.

Other factors help determine the reliability of guessing a weapon sound, but for the most part, it comes to the experience of knowing which weapons make which noises.

In order to help you understand the different sound effects of weapons in DayZ, I have built this tool. Using this tool you can understand a guns sounds, how suppressors impact that sound and which other weapons in DayZ sound similar too.




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