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Compactness is a reversed stat of the width and height of the attachment in slots in your inventory. The more compact an attachment is, the less space it will take in your inventory.


Tertiary: Tertiary stats impact the performance of items a small amount. This makes them the least valuable stats that should rarely be considered when comparing items


This stat is reversed, which means the higher the stat number goes, the more the stat bars found around this website decrease.


BUIS Sights at 1 Compactness

The same Compactness value is found on: Mini Sights - Mosin Compensator - SG5 K Compensator - Pistol Flashlight - CMAG 10 Round Mag - CR 527 5 Round Mag - Vaiga 5 Shell Mag - Pioneer 5 Round Mag - CR 550 Savanna 4 Round Mag


1PN51 Optic at 12 Compactness

The same Compactness value is found on: Ghillie Weapon Wrap - NV PVS4 Scope



Related Attachment Stats

Primary Stats

- Accuracy Modifier -

Accuracy Modifier increases the accuracy of a weapon by reducing the dispersion stat found in the game files. Dispersion is the base probability a bullet will travel off of center when fired from a weapon. Attachments can increase accuracy on a weapon in DayZ substantially.

- Primary -


- Recoil Modifier -

Recoil Modifier is a percentage based stat due to it being a reverse multiplier in the game files. For example, 0.9 Recoil Modifier is 10% less recoil when attached to a weapon. More needs to be discovered about recoil to fully understand it.

- Primary -


- Sway Modifier -

Sway Modifier is a percentage based stat due to it being a reverse multiplier in the game files. For example, 0.7 Sway Modifier is 30% less sway when attached to a weapon. However, 1.3 Sway Modifier is 30% extra sway. More needs to be discovered about sway to fully understand it.

- Primary -


- Magazine Capacity -

Magazine Capacity is directly the amount of ammunition that a magazine can carry inside of it.

- Primary -


Secondary Stats

- Quietness Modifier -

Quietness Modifier reduces the distances weapons can be heard. More research is needed on this stat.

- Secondary -


- Zeroing Modifier -

Zeroing Modifier is a stat that increases the distance a weapon can zero up to in meters. This stat is directly from the meters found in the game.

- Secondary -


- Optic Magnification -

Optic Magnification is a multiplier for how close objects appear when looking through an optic.

- Secondary -


Tertiary Stats

- Shortness -

This is a reversed stat of the length stat found in the game files, and determines how much further away the muzzle of a gun is from the center of the player in centimeters. The longer a weapon the sooner it will raise up when holding it near an object or surface. All Muzzles increase the length of a weapon in DayZ.

- Tertiary -


- Lightness -

Lightness is the reversed stat of weight found in the game files, and determines how heavy an attachment is in grams. The heavier an attachment is, the more it increases the weight of a weapon, the more it reduces your stamina stat. When this stat is used on magazines, it represents an empty magazine.

- Tertiary -


- Magazine Lightness -

Magazine Lightness is a reversed stat that multiplies the weight of the ammo used in the magazine by the maximum amount of ammo it can carry, giving us the weight of a full magazine in grams.

- Tertiary -


- Spawn Rate -

Spawn Rate on an attachment determines the maximum number an attachment can be found on a vanilla DayZ server. The higher the Spawn Rate, the more likely you are to find this attachment in the loot location it spawns. For example, if the Spawn Rate stat for an item is 5, 5 of that item at a maximum will spawn on a standard DayZ server. If the Spawn Rate is 0, it means it doesn't spawn and is acquired by crafting it, spawning it with admin tools or by combining it with another item.

- Tertiary -


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