M4 Suppressor Attachment Info

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  M4 Suppressor  

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Replaces any muzzle on the M4A1 and reduces the distance your weapon sounds travel.

Weapons that can attach the M4 Suppressor

- M4A1 -


- Pioneer -


- M16 -


- AUR AX -

A Huge Thanks to:
The DayZ Podcast, Lion Los, Wolves of DayZ Servers, The Great Escape Server, PandaMoanYum, Jerb, XiLe & Lily
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DayZ Weapon Muzzles

Muzzles gun attachments reduce recoil, increase accuracy and reduce the noise of a weapon. Stealth is key in DayZ, so learning your suppressors is a good idea. However, muzzle attachments can be solely used to reduce a guns recoil like the compensators do, or even allow you to use your firearm as a melee weapon when you attach a bayonet to it. Because of this, the muzzle attachment slot on a weapon is the most diverse attachment slot in DayZ when it comes to functionality.


About DayZ Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments in DayZ can also impact weapon stats significantly, adding an element of customisation when selecting your weapon loadout.

DayZ Attachments vary a lot, but can be categorised into 6 different weapon attachment categories. These include Optics/Sights, Muzzles, Buttstocks, Handguards, Other and Magazines.

A single DayZ Weapon Attachment won't make much of a difference to your weapon unless it's an optic for improving weapon zeroing, or a muzzle for reducing your weapon sound.

Attachment Info Tool Description: View the stats of all attachments and which weapons accept them



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