40mm Gas Rounds Ammo Type Info

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  40mm Gas Rounds  

40mm Gas Rounds
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Chemical Gas M79 Grenade Launcher Rounds that will explode on contact with any surface in DayZ. The M79 Grenade Launcher has no minimum safe distance, so these Gas Rounds will likely poison many players.
The 40mm Gas Rounds does not have a tracer variant


40mm Gas Rounds are ammo for

- M79 Launcher Gas -


40mm Gas Rounds cannot be loaded into any magazine

A Huge Thanks to:
The Great Escape Server, Lion Los, The DayZ Podcast, TSL High Loot Server, Wolves of DayZ Servers, PandaMoanYum, Jerb & Lily
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DayZ Projectiles Category

The Projectile category is for ammo types that travel through the air but are not bullets. This can include grenades from a grenade launcher, rockets from an RPG, bolts from a crossbow, etc. Projectiles in DayZ may not follow the same logic that bullets do in-game, so addition information on the performance of the projectiles on this tool may be required to fully understand them. For example, explosive damage is not on this page, only projectile health/shock damage.


About DayZ Ammo Types

Ammo types in DayZ can be split into several different ammo categories that are as follows: Pistol Caliber, Intermediate Caliber, Rifle Caliber, Shotgun Shells and Projectiles.

DayZ ammo types have a lot of stats that impact how the ammo will perform with the weapon it goes with. Based on these stats, choosing the right ammo type with your weapon can make a big difference.

Most weapons in DayZ only have one ammo type. However, some weapons allow two or more ammo types, and can therefore impact the perform of the weapon based on the ammunition you use.

Ammo Info Tool Description: View the stats of all ammo types and which weapons they go in



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