12 Gauge Rubber Slugs Ammo Type Info

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  12 Gauge Rubber Slugs  

12 Gauge Rubber Slugs
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Rubber shells are primarily used to knockout players to make them unconscious in DayZ, they are not good at anything else. Beware that Rubber Slugs fly very slowly due to their low aerodynamics and bullet speed stats. The 12 Gauge Rubber Shells are considered a heavy ammo type and will stun infected.
The 12 Gauge Rubber Slugs does not have a tracer variant


12 Gauge Rubber Slugs are ammo for

- BK 133 Rubber -


- BK 43 Rubber -


- Sawed off BK 43 Rubber -


- Vaiga Rubber -


12 Gauge Rubber Slugs can be loaded into

- Vaiga 5 Shell Mag -


- Vaiga 8 Shell Mag -


- Vaiga 20 Shell Drum Mag -


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DayZ Shotgun Shells Category

The Shells used by the various Shotguns in DayZ. Each shell has its strengths and weaknesses when used with a Shotgun. The 3 types of Shotgun Shell in DayZ are Buckshot, Slugs and Rubber Slugs.


About DayZ Ammo Types

Ammo types in DayZ can be split into several different ammo categories that are as follows: Pistol Caliber, Intermediate Caliber, Rifle Caliber, Shotgun Shells and Projectiles.

DayZ ammo types have a lot of stats that impact how the ammo will perform with the weapon it goes with. Based on these stats, choosing the right ammo type with your weapon can make a big difference.

Most weapons in DayZ only have one ammo type. However, some weapons allow two or more ammo types, and can therefore impact the perform of the weapon based on the ammunition you use.

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A Huge Thanks to:
Lion Los, Jerry, The DayZ Podcast, Wolves of DayZ Servers, PandaMoanYum, Jerb & Lily
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