40mm Smoke Rounds Ammo Type Info

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  40mm Smoke Rounds  

40mm Smoke Rounds
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Smoke Rounds for the M79 Grenade Launcher that will start smoking immediately after being fired. The M79 Grenade Launcher can launch the red, green, white or black smoke rounds at great distances and last 40 seconds before no more smoke gets produced.
The 40mm Smoke Rounds does not have a tracer variant


40mm Smoke Rounds are ammo for

- M79 Launcher Smoke -


40mm Smoke Rounds cannot be loaded into any magazine

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DayZ Projectiles Category

The Projectile category is for ammo types that travel through the air but are not bullets. This can include grenades from a grenade launcher, rockets from an RPG, bolts from a crossbow, etc. Projectiles in DayZ may not follow the same logic that bullets do in-game, so addition information on the performance of the projectiles on this tool may be required to fully understand them. For example, explosive damage is not on this page, only projectile health/shock damage.

Projectiles are airborne objects that are not bullets. In DayZ, for example, you may use a grenade launcher to fire a grenade, an RPG to fire a rocket, and a crossbow to discharge a bolt. Despite their appearance, some objects behave differently throughout the game. To understand how things function, you may need to dig up specific information. This website, for example, does not tell you how much damage explosives produce, simply how much health and shock damage bullets cause.


About DayZ Ammo Types

Ammo types in DayZ can be split into several different ammo categories that are as follows: Pistol Caliber, Intermediate Caliber, Rifle Caliber, Shotgun Shells and Projectiles.

DayZ ammo types have a lot of stats that impact how the ammo will perform with the weapon it goes with. Based on these stats, choosing the right ammo type with your weapon can make a big difference.

Most weapons in DayZ only have one ammo type. However, some weapons allow two or more ammo types, and can therefore impact the perform of the weapon based on the ammunition you use.

The bullets or shells that are fired from firearms are referred to as ammunition. There are many distinct kinds of ammunition, each with special qualities and purposes of their own. The most typical varieties include: Ammunition that fires from the rim of the cartridge case uses a primer positioned there. Smaller guns, like .22 caliber handguns and rifles, commonly use rimfire ammo. Ammunition used in centerfire rifles has a primer in the middle of the cartridge case. Larger weaponry, like .38 caliber handguns and rifles, often use centerfire ammo.

Shotgun shells: These are used with shotguns to fire a number of tiny pellets, or "shot," at the intended target. Ammunition for pistols and revolvers: These are often rounds like the .38 special, .357 magnum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. Ammunition for rifles: This includes bullets with calibers like .22, .223, .308, .30-06, and .300 Winchester Magnum.

Each of these ammunition types can have a variety of characteristics, including velocities, energies, ranges, penetration, and expansion. Due to the longer barrel of a rifle, which allows for a higher velocity and energy, rifle ammunition often has a higher destructive capacity than pistol ammo. Despite their strength, shotgun shells often only deal damage inside a smaller area. Rifle ammunition has a far greater range than pistol or shotgun ammunition.

Regarding characteristics, some ammunition might be built to spread out upon contact, producing a bigger wound, while others might be built to pierce deeply. When fired, some ammunition may shatter upon impact, causing a number of smaller wounds. Various bullet types exist as well, including full metal jacket, hollow point, soft point, boat tail, etc.

Ammo Info Tool Description: View the stats of all ammo types and which weapons they go in



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